Free Pattern: Make Your Own ‘Sunshine the Flower’

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Flower’s in garden’s have been a staple in my life since, well, birth.  In addition to a huge veggie garden, my parents always had flowers planted to pretty things up.  We had a couple flower only garden’s growing up that are bigger than my current veggie garden.  One of my favorites was by the edge of the garden, near the raspberry bushes where the Four O’Clocks were planted.  Four O’Clocks have trumpet-shaped flowers that humming birds love.  If you would hang out over there in the grass and watch quietly, you could watch the humming birds zoom in and out as they slurped up nectar.

Flower garden’s and summer just go together for this family, and I think that’s why we came up with our ‘Sunshine the Flower’ Kit. You may have seen that we recently shared a pattern for one of our craft kits – Two Kids ‘Douglas the Dragonfly’— and today we’re sharing Sunshine’s pattern!  You can download the pattern, and then just follow the steps below.

And, just like with Douglas the Dragonfly, if you’d rather just do with putting together and painting portions, we do sell kits with everything you need at our Two Kids Cooking & More Shop.

Here’s the supply’s you’ll need to make Sunshine:

– Wire for hanging
-20, 1/2 inch nails
-paint brushes
-1/4 inch plywood
-Polyurethane Spray
Sunshine the Flower Pattern

Here’s the step-by-step, how-to:

1. First trace your pattern on to your wood. 
Note that each square equals 1 inch, but you can make your Sunshine whatever size you want.  Ours is about 19 inches square when finished.  The downloadable pattern is scaled to the right size (approximately), but if you want to decrease or increase it, you can.  We also used 1/4 inch wood, but again, if you want to make it thicker, you certainly can.

2. Next, cut your pattern out on a jigsaw.
This is for adults or older kids with supervision—don’t forget safety goggles!

3. Drill holes in Small Circle.
For the wire hanger, you’ll need to drill two small holes in the small circle, which is the back of the flower.  Just drill two holes about an inch from the edge on either side of one of the petals (see picture).

4. Add Wire Hanger.
Add the wire hanger by sticking about 3 inches of wire through the holes that you drilled in the small circle.  Twist it together with pliers, or with your hand. It’s best to do this now because it can get tricky adding the wire after the flower is completely put together.

5. Attach Petals.
Attach the petals to the small circle placing one petal between the two holes with the wire, and lining the point with the center of the small circle, as shown. If you are using glue, add the glue to the lower portion of each petal. Place each petal on the circle and nail each petal to the circle with 12 of the ½ inch nails–two nails per petal, as shown. Parents may want to get the nails started for the kids to make it easier for them to pound them in.

6. Attach the Large Circle for Flower Center. 
Place the large circle on top of the petals. Again, if using glue, place it on the center back of the large circle before putting on top of the petals. Nail 6 of the 1/2 inch nails into the large circle to secure it to the petals. Place one nail per petal. (see picture)

7. Let Glue Dry.
If you used glue, allow it to dry then sand it smooth before continuing.

8. Paint Your Flower.
Use your creativity and paint your flower. Make sure to rinse your brush between colors!

9. Protect
Once Sunshine is completely dry and if you are going to hang it outside, make sure to spray her with 3 coats of polyurethane spray to protect her from the wind and rain!

You can download the pattern for Sunshine OR order a ready-to-make kit from our shop!

Happy Family Crafting Everyone!


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