Summer Vaction Activites for Kids – Creating, Learning & Having Fun!

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Summer Vacation Ideas for Kids

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Summer vacation for Alex and Sophia is in full swing.  That means  they’ll be sleeping in and relaxing.  I know Alex will do his best to sleep until noon for the first week and then spend time gaming with his friends. Soph will be hanging with her new friends from our neighborhood, having fun.  I usually let them do their own thing for a couple of days each week, but I needs some quality time with my kiddies–I only have ’em every other week. So, after I punch out from work at 2:30pm, it’s time for some family fun. Plus, to keep ’em busy while I’m working, they have to have some stuff to do.

For Alex, ‘Stuff to Do’ is different than for Sophia. Although they both like similar things, activities that they can do on their own are just as essential as ‘group’ projects.  Today I’m gonna share a few ideas for kids about 10 and under–more Sophia’s age.  I’ll share the cool ‘older-kid’ stuff that Alex likes, too, but today the focus is keeping kids 10 and under having fun, being creative and even learning over the summer vacation.

Crafty Things To Do –
Crafts are awesome because they can be done independently or as a family activity.

Green Kids Crafts - Kid Crafts – On the first of each month, Green Kid Crafts ships out a Discovery Box filled with 3 to 4 eco-friendly crafts for kids ages 3 t0 8.  They have month-to-month subscriptions or annual subscription, plus you can do gift subscriptions as well.  Kids will be waiting at the mail box each month, excited to get crafty!

Red Ted Art - Ted Art: Cute and Easy Crafts for Kids – We recently got our copy of this fun book written by one of our favorite bloggers.  It is filled with tons of, like it says, cute and easy crafts for kids.  You’ll find so many of the supplies around your house, too, so you can get started right away.  NOTE: Amazon says its not available, but we ordered ours through fishpond (we’ve linked to it for you).

 Make Your Own Fairy WandMake Your Own Fairy Wand – This one is straight from our craft room to yours.  But, everyone of Sophia’s friends that have seen it want to make it.  It’s not only fun to make and cute to look at, but finding the stuff for it, sticks, ribbons, beads, glitter–whatever you want.  We admit, boys are usually less interested in this one, but Alex did make a wand of sorts when we were doing ours…it wasn’t sparkly, more ‘manly’, but it was a wand of sorts 😀

We’re going to be sharing more ideas too, in coming weeks, so make sure to sign-up for our mailing list so you don’t miss any 😀


Kids Cooking Club - Things To Do –
Cooking is a skill kids will carry with them throughout their lives and since we all have to eat, it’s a perfect family activity.

Kids Cooking Club – If you have a mini-chef on your hands, this monthly cooking activity club is perfect!  With your membership you get 4 lessons a month. You get shopping lists, kid-friendly recipes, nutritional information and technique lessons.  There are also member-only forums for sharing your creations–it’s a great way to keep kids learning and having fun during non-school time.

Kids Cooking Lessons - Cooking Lessons – If you prefer to take your lessons at a faster pace than monthly, ‘Kids Cooking Lessons’ is perfect.  We’re actually going to be working through this one over the summer.  It is again, filled with recipes, technique and tips for success. And, you can work through each lesson at your own pace.

Do Some Mad Kitchen Science – Sometimes fun in the kitchen isn’t just about the food, it’s about the SCIENCE!  We love kitchen science and have plenty of ideas in our Mad Kitchen Science section, so check it out for ideas!


Outdoor Things to Do –

Getting outdoors over summer vacation instead of being glued to a screen is essential.  And, when you’re from a state like MN, where 3/4 of the year is just plain cold, getting out in the summer warmth is awesome!

Adventure Walk – We have this thing that the kids and I do.  It’s actually a long walk with a goal. Before the walk we make either make a list, or set some goals for things we’d like to find.  We also bring a basket or a bag to collect ‘goodies’.  We use the goodies to make crafts later 😀  It’s fun because it’s more than just a plain old walk, it’s a walk with a goal–an adventure!

Neighborhood Parade – When I was a kid, my mom (Grandma Sue) was a daycare provider.  This meant that there were always plenty of kids at our house, especially in the summer when there was no school.  We always had lots of fun doing crazy stuff, but one of my favorites was when we would all dress-up and have a parade around the neighborhood.  We had lots of play dress-up clothes, make-up and props that we’d get dressed up in. Then we head out around the neighborhood waving and greeting everyone.

Salon/Lemonade Stand/Kid Business – This idea is inspired by Sophia and it’s probably better for older kids to do or at least help younger kids with.  Soph and one of her neighborhood girlfriends have decided to go into the salon business.  At their ‘Rainbow Spa’, you can get your nails done or a facial for $1 per service.  When another neighborhood girl wanted to open up her own salon, there was some stress and negotiation–flyers and coupons were distributed to keep business, even. The worked it all out and have gone into business together.  Any sort of business, from a Salon, to mowing lawns/yard work to selling lemonade–they all teach kids about work, money, business and people management. Plus, when the ice cream truck rolls around, they can spend their own cash 😀

What Are Some of Your Favorite Summer Vacation Activities?


Happy Summer Vacation Everyone!

Kelly, Alex and Sophia

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