Kids Cooking Recipe: Grilled Veggies

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Kids Cooking Recipe: Simple Grilled Veggies

One of the greatest summer treats is the abundance of fresh vegetables .  You may have a garden or live near a farmer’s market which provides a variety of beautiful, colorful and delicious vegetables just waiting to be eaten.  It’s easy to get excited and go overboard at the market.  You may find yourself wondering just what to do with all that veg?!?  Here are some tips and ideas for a successful meal with fresh summer produce as the star of tonight’s dinner!

Kids Cooking Recipe: Simple Grilled VeggiesKids Cooking Recipe: Simple Grilled VeggiesI am a firm believer in kebabs; they are easy and each member of the family can create their own.  I always keep a supply of bamboo skewers available for kebabs, as well as art projects.  Grilling veggie kebabs are a quick and fun way to eat; just gather an array of fresh veggies, some skewers, olive oil and herbs.  If you are using bamboo skewers, make sure to soak them in water before grilling.

Kids Cooking Recipe: Simple Grilled VeggiesKids Cooking Recipe: Simple Grilled VeggiesAfter you have soaked the skewers, it’s time to thread your pre-cut chunks of veg!  I use bell peppers in all colors, zucchini, onion, carrot, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes.  Use any veggies you want!  You can marinate your veggie chunks, too.  Before threading onto skewers, drizzle some olive oil and sprinkle freshly chopped herbs (or dried) and a bit of salt and pepper onto your vegetables. Give them a stir to coat them all. Fresh herbs to use could be fresh parsley, basil or rosemary.

Kids Cooking Recipe: Simple Grilled VeggiesKids Cooking Recipe: Simple Grilled VeggiesNow you are ready to grill!  The grill is nifty and gives all food a fabulous flavour.  Adult assistance is always needed when grilling; safety is the golden rule!  You can grill the kebabs as long as you like, depending on how crispy or tender you like them.  I like my veggies a bit crisp, so about 5 minutes per side seems to be good!  Grilling time is up to you!  Once your veggie kebabs are done to your likeness, remove from the grill and transfer onto a large serving platter.

So the veggies are done…now what?  Here are a few serving suggestions.  I have served my veggies with pasta tossed in olive oil and Parmesan cheese.  You could toss your veggies in with some cheese tortellini, too!  Not in a pasta mood?  How about a nice crunchy green salad with warm grilled veggies and hunks of fresh goat cheese?  My personal favorite!  Of course your grilled veggies can be a lovely side dish to accompany some fish, chicken or steak.  Maybe you can stack them on top of a burger!

There are so many ideas out there; you could have a grilled veggie pizza, too!  If you really want to keep the grilling going, you can also grill fruit such as peaches and pineapple.  The grill makes them taste amazing and you can pile them on a dish of ice cream for dessert.

Happy grilling and healthy eating to you all!
Aunt Dani

Do you have a favorite fruit or veggie to grill?

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  1. Laura @ Passtheknife Says:

    My kids love anything on a stick! Great idea.

  2. the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny) Says:

    Thanks! It is great for making with the kids too, just cut everything in chunks and stick it on!

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