Kids Crafts: DIY Balloon Flip Flops

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

     balloon flip flops

These were originally inspired by Pinterest, where you can find a million different versions (ok, maybe not a full million, but lots and lots :D).  They are really fun and simple to make, plus you can color coordinate them for different outfits if you want.  We actually made our first pair when Aunt Dani lived with us a few years back, but instead of water ballons, we used regular size ones.  We feel those are too big and floppy, but if you check out the Pinterest Link, you’ll see some that include larger variety balloons and even ribbons!

Here are the steps we took to make ours…

balloon flip flopsWhat you need:
Flip Flops – we used cheap ones we found at Walmart, but you could get as fancy as you want. Just make sure the strap part is kind of thin so you can get your balloons around ’em.
Water Balloons – you can use regular size balloons, but in our experience, there’s just too much floppy balloon decoration when you do. If you want really dense balloons coverage, get 2 packs. We only used one and it still looks good, but you’d cover more strap with two full packs.

balloon flip flopsballoon flip flopsStep 1 – Open Your Balloons and Start Tying
All you have to do is take a balloon and tie it to the strap.  You can do all one color, or in a pattern, or just let random selection be how you choose–that’s what Soph did with hers.

balloon flip flops

Step 2 – Wear ’em!
All that’s left to do once you’ve finished tying on all your balloons is to wear your fancy flip flops out and show ’em off!

Happy Summer Crafting Everyone!
Kelly, Alex and Sophia

P.S. Have you ever made balloon flip flops or decorated your flip flops in any cool way?

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