Kids Crafts: Owls, Owls Everywhere!

Posted by Sue

There seems to be a lot of interest in owls lately. I see them on clothing in home decor, and for garden and yard decor.

Of course that made me think up some creative owl kits for kids to use their creative minds to decorate.

The first is Olivette the owl necklace. She comes with a variety of paint colors, including clear glitter paint to add some sparkle if you like! Then there is a long cord to put Olivette on so you can make your necklace the right length for you.  Sophia made the one you see in the picture and when she wore it to school her friends loved it!

The second owl idea that popped to my mind is the Guardian Owl. He or She plays an important role in your home. Depending which room you put him in , he will guard your keys and ID tags,etc. by the door. OR, in a bedroom he can guard precious jewels…in the bathroom he keeps track of items so they don’t get cluttered, like curling irons, headbands, hand towels, etc… Guardian owl will take whatever task you give him seriously and hopes you use your best creative imagination to decorate him or her!

I hope you have fun with our new designs!

To create your own version of Olivette or the Guardian Owl, head over to our Two Kids Cooking & More Shop, OR, if you like to cut your own wood, free patterns will be posted on our site soon–Kelly, ‘the Mom’ will link ’em up when she get’s ’em posted.

Have fun family cooking, crafting and gardening!

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