Learning Activites for Kids: Welcome To Summer Camp!

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

summer campAs most of you may know, I am a teacher.  Teaching is fun and it keeps me on my toes at all hours of the day!  I am always trying new things and testing out exciting ideas that I find to share with the children in my life.  This year I am in charge of a summer camp at school, so I am going to share my plans with you!  There are a variety of activities here that can be adapted for any age group.

Activity #1: Decorate our camp banner: Summer Fun With Friends!

Materials: An old or new, inexpensive white sheet, fabric paints or acrylics, markers and glitter glue.

Objective:  Teachers, parents and children work together to design and decorate a banner with the theme “Summer Fun With Friends”…or whatever theme suits you.  Children learn to work together and create with art materials.  This addresses hand/eye coordination, imagination and initiative as well as social and emotional development.

*If you have time, t-shirts can also be decorated  and signed, too*

Activity #2: Share our favorite camp stories:  Verbally act out -or- write down and illustrate a favorite camp story.  Children can break up into small groups.

Materials: Paper, pencils, crayons or colored pencils as well as props such as sleeping bags, back-packs, camping supplies for acting/skits.

Objective:  Utilizing literacy and writing skills and dramatic arts through acting and storytelling.  This activity is great for communication development and building confidence.

Activity #3: Let’s create our own Treasure Hunt!

Materials:  Large white paper (one per child), room temperature earl grey tea in a spray bottle, coloured pencils.

Directions: each child will design their own map of a familiar place with landmarks, etc.  As detailed as possible with an “X” marks the spot for treasure.  After the map is finished, crumple up the paper and then smooth it out to create an antique effect.  Lightly spray the maps with the tea as well.  This will make the maps look old!  When the maps are dry, roll each map up and tie with twine.

Objective:  This activity addresses organizational skills as well as memory.  Encourage children to use detail and directions as to draw on their communication skills.

*children can meet throughout the summer to have treasure hunt days!*

Activity #4: Summer Camp Snacks!…..fruity s’mores.

Materials: Graham crackers, marshmallow spread/fluff, sliced strawberries.

Objective:  Cooking draws on many skill sets including communication, following directions, simple math, hand/eye coordination and making healthy choices.

*You can use any fruit or a variety of sliced fruit for these snacks!*

I hope you enjoy your Summer Camp Day!!  I know I am looking forward to sharing these creative plans with my school children!  If you can think of any other camp ideas, add them into the plan.  These activities are only to serve as a guide; be as creative as you want!

Enjoy the rest of your summer!
Aunt Dani

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