Mom’s Family Goals for the Week – 7.21.13

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

Work Home Life signIt’s already the end of July and we still have stuff we want to get done this summer.  Summer seems so long when your sitting there in May, looking ahead. Then June hits and it’s like you pushed-off from the top of a water-slide–it looks long and all those curves are fun, but before you know it, your splashing into the pool of August and back-to-school.

This means that getting my butt into gear is top priority.  Here’s the list the kids and I discussed as priorities at the end of May:
-Volunteer at Feed My Starving Children
-Find and participate in a family mud run
-Go to the Zoo
-Go Camping

This is not a long list and honestly, we should be further along in completing it, but the kids are only with me every other week, so it can be challenging.  This is the week though–In fact, right before writing this I scheduled our volunteering and mud run. I even combined the camping with the mud run so all I’ve got left now to figure out is the zoo…which I think I’ve got a date for 😀  I only wish I’d done this scheduling earlier.  Why does summer seem to fly by so fast?

The kids and I also have some other items to work on for this week:

1)We’re having a garage sale starting Thursday through Saturday. I’ve got all the stuff together, but there’s pricing to be done and set-up. 2)We’ve go to start training for our mud run. I’m usually good at training, but since my arm/shoulder/neck issues started, I have been lazy.  The run is only 3 miles, but we still have to get going.
3) Brainstorming!  We’re in Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas mode here. We’ve got some recipe testing to do for our ideas.  Sometimes recipes in our head don’t translate that well to real life, so we have to get testing now 😀

I hope we get everything done….we’ll let you know how we do next week 😀

What’s on your families to-do list this summer week?


Happy Family Summer Time Everyone!

Kelly, Alex and Sophia

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2 Comments For This Post

  1. Laura | Pass The Knife Says:

    You’re an amazing planner. When I talk about long-term planning, I’m thinking about the next two weeks LOL.

  2. the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny) Says:

    Thanks! I’m better at the planning than the follow through sometimes, though. 😀

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