5 Back-To-School Gift Ideas to Surprise the Kids

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

colorful_kids_birthday_presentCoverAlex and Soph are excited about heading back to school next week, but also a little sad that summer is over. Plus, getting to bed early and up for school early—back in the routine—is something they’re not so fond of. I am happy to get them back on a more strict schedule again, though. Despite their later evenings and sleeping in, Mom gets the same schedule year round!

I know the end of the first week is going to be harder on them than the first day, with all its excitement and newness, so I’m trying to figure out a way to surprise them with a little back-to-school gift. The gift won’t be anything too, fancy and if I have a coupon or a Gift Voucher Code to save money, I’ll do that for sure; no need to break the budget, just a little ‘you made it through the first week of school’ gift 😀

Here are 5 ideas I’ve come up with:

  1. A Funny Greeting Card with Candy
    I love funny cards. Sometimes I just sit there and laugh my butt off in the card isle and end up purchasing a bunch of cards for later use. I’m sure I have something perfect on hand already and with the sweet tooth’s my children have, I can’t go wrong with candy. Plus, it’s fairly inexpensive and with all that back-to-school supply and clothes shopping, less expensive is a good thing!
  2. A Gift Card from Target or Walmart
    Whether it be art supplies for Sophia, or an electronic gadget for Alex, the kids are always need something from stores like Target or Walmart for their various projects. Giving them a gift card insures I’ll be with when the money is spent and not used sneakily on pop or candy, but it still gives them freedom to pick out what they want or need.
  3. iTunes Gift Card
    Now that the kids both have iPhones, at least once a week they are wanting to download a new app, song or game from the iTunes Store. A gift card allows them to spend with a bit of freedom. They have permission to buy up to $.99 items (up to 3 a month) without asking…but more expensive items and more than three need permission.
  4. A Cool Reusable Drink Container
    Many schools don’t have air conditioning, including Sophia’s, so having water with at all times is important. Plus, for after-school sports and just for doing stuff at home, it’s nice to have a dedicated container. I’m thinking one of those Brita type water bottles with the filters are a great option.
  5. Dinner out at a Sit-Down Restaurant.
    This one is in case I decide I need a treat, too! It’s not the least expensive option, but the first week of school is going to be busy for us and I have a feeling I might want a nice sit-down dinner that doesn’t require me to cook it! Plus, I keep coupons and voucher codes for everything, so I might even be able to get a bit of a discount if we do eat out ;D

I’m not sure which one I’ll follow through on, but I’ll share on Facebook or Instagram the end of next week!

Happy Back-to-School Time Everyone!
Kelly, Alex and Sophia
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