5 Quick Dinner Ideas for those Busy Back-To-School Nights

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)


Now that school days are back, I’m getting ready for all that busy-ness associated with after-school activities, homework and projects. We all know that sometimes, that constant movement from football to piano lessons to gymnastics, etc., that happens after the end-of-day bell rings can make squeezing a good dinner in a bit of a challenge.  Planning ahead, as much as possible, is key to getting some food in those bellies without too much frazzle time for parents. Soo, check out Aunt Dani’s easy lunch and dinner ideas from yesterday, AND, see below for my 5 go-to ideas for nights when a sit-down dinner just isn’t gonna happen.

1. Planned Leftovers – When I’m feeling super organized I can make sure I have left-overs from the night before.  Some of our favorite leftovers are meatballs, meatloaf, chicken.  Just reheat and serve with a steamed veggie and you’re all good!

2. Pasta – Pasta cooks quick and you can stir in some veggies. I always have some cherry tomatoes and green peppers on hand, so just chopping those up and drizzling a little olive oil with a bit of grated parmensan–delicious and quick!  You can also top it with some pesto or marinara (leftover or from a jar).

3. Smoothies – Although we usually do most of our smoothie consumption during the morning hours, a breakfast for dinner smoothie, packed with fruit and even some veggies is not only easy to whip up, it’s also portable for that dinner on the run!

4. Picnic Dinner – For us picnic typically means sandwiches, chips and fruit. When I know a week is going to be action-packed, I make sure to add my kids favorite deli meats and cheeses to the shopping list.  That way I can whip up some sandwiches, add a side of strawberries and a few chips. If you’ve got some extra time you can even grill ’em.

5. Fast Food – Yeah, I know…but there are healthier options in the fast food arena and honestly, sometimes grabbing some Food and Drink Coupons I have on hand for Subway or a Pizza is the best option for my sanity.  (Plus, if I can use a coupon to save some money and time, I will!)

Next time your calendar is filled with multiple school events and little time, we hope that one of these ideas helps you fill the bellies of your family!

What are your favorite go-to meal ideas for busy weeks?


Happy Back-to-School Time Everyone!
Kelly, Alex and Sophia


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  1. coupons Says:

    i liked this post . especially the idea of fast food . :)
    nice blog . keep blogging

  2. the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny) Says:

    Glad you liked it…And, let’s be real, sometimes Fast Food is an option. Even though we pride ourselves on cooking most of our meals, there are just times when fast food is the best option 😀

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