Check out Those Veggies! Two Kids Garden Update

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)


Today I wanted to share some pics of our garden.  In the past, during our apartment years, we only had a small herb garden. Although our garden is still small, this year it’s in two raised beds (that Soph and I built!).  We tried lots of new gardening stuff this year, from making our own seed starter containers and starting seeds indoors, to planting some hops for potential use in Mom’s beer brewing next year. We were  more successful with some of these gardening projects than with others, but we’ve been having a great time eating fresh stuff and learning for next year.

What have we learned? Well, here are a few ‘notes’ for next year:

-Don’t fertilize the radishes, you get great leaves, but very little radish.
-4 cherry tomato plants produce enough cherry tomatoes for an entire town–just do 1 next year.
-Get stuff in earlier. This cool year and our late planting has let to lots of waiting.
-When you use natural pesticide ideas from online, test them on small areas first…just in case.
-Add another raised bed!

That’s a few items in my ‘notes’ anyway 😀   Here are some pics of where things were at the beginning of August.  Looking good, but we’re still waiting for tomatoes to turn red.

vegetable gardeners handbookOne thing I’m super excited about for next year, though is following the timeline and tracking our garden with the book: ‘Week-by-Week Vegetable Gardener’s Handbook‘ by Ron and Jennifer Kujawski.  I’m even thinking of building a cold frame on the back side of our house so we can get started extra early next year.  I had grand visions of a thermally heated green house, but I’m gonna settle for a cold frame for now ;D

I got the book when I went on Sophia’s school field trip the end of last year.  The trip was to historic Kelley Farms in Minnesota where we live.  It’s a real running farm that operates the way the did it a 100 years ago–no electricity, not tractors, nothing. I always love going on field trips with the kids, but on this trip, one of the best parts for me was getting this book.  We’ll see how following the plan the book provides goes next year, but the timelines it includes and what-to-do-when lists…they’re cool.

How’s your garden going this year? We’d love to hear any tips or cool gardening stuff!

Happy Family Gardening Everyone!
Kelly, Alex and Sophia

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