Family Volunteering: Feed My Starving Children

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

alex_soph_fmsc.jpgAt the end of the last school year, the 4th grade classes at Sophia’s school went on a field trip/volunteer experience at an organization called Feed My Starving Children.  What they do is prepare specific food packages that are shipped to areas of the world where there are people who are not getting enough food.  Sophia absolutely loved the experience and talked about it for days. She also said that we should do it because it is so fun and it helps feed kids–my daughter has a very passionate heart for helping others.

She really didn’t have to do much convincing to get me to look into it and get us signed up.  The Feed My Starving Children website makes it simple to register and sign the family up. The instructions they send for what is expected, what to wear and such are great and once you get there—I was amazed at how awesome their system for packaging is. Working with volunteers, especially younger volunteers can be challenging. All the moving parts and ‘stuff’ that has to be done–well they have it down.

fmsc_momandsoph.jpgOn ‘the day’ the three of us ended up on team 4 with four other volunteers.  There are actually two sub-teams on a team that all do packaging and then it is boxed and tagged.  Once you start, you get into a groove. We were singing along to the oldies songs on the radio and dancing while we worked. Whenever we completed a box, we all cheered. The two hours flew by.

Our full team packed 21 boxes. For the day, all teams combined packed 97 boxes.  This basically means our effort will help in providing nutritious meals for approximately 57 kids for a full year.  That is 57 fewer children that will be malnourished and 57 more people that will have their chance to touch the lives of those around them as they grow into adults.


The experience was rewarding for all of us and we will be doing it again.

Happy Family Volunteering Everyone!
Kelly, Alex and Sophia

What kind of volunteering does your family enjoy doing?

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