Free Pattern: Make Your Own ‘Guardian Owl’ Wall Hanger

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)

Two Kids Guardian Owl Kit PatternIt’s time for another Free Pattern!  This time it’s for our ‘Guardian Owl’ Wall Hanger. This hanger has pegs to hold lots of cool stuff. We use ours in our entry way and it guards my keys and Alex and Soph’s sunglasses.  Soph painted it with her own flair, and you can add your own unique perspective to yours, too.  And, as usual, if you don’t want to get out the jigsaw and cut out your own, you can get a ready-to-make kit for our Guardian Owl over at your shop!

This craft is ideal for kids 8 or older, but younger kids can definitely help with help from and adult.  If you want to have some family fun making this on your own, here’s what you’ll need:

2kids-OwlHangerKitCover2Guardian Owl Pattern
-Wood for Owl (1″x 10″ lumber)
-Wood for Branch (1/8″ birch)
-2 Wooden wheels to use for eyeballs
– 5 Wooden pegs
– 12 inch section of wire
– 2, six inch pieces of wire

Here’s the step-by-step:

1. First trace your pattern on to your wood. 
The pattern for Olivette is to size, so trace it on the 1/8″ birch plywood exactly as it is, unless you want it a different size :D

2kids-OwlHangerKitSanding2. Next, cut your pattern out on a jigsaw.
This is for adults or older kids with supervision it is pretty small, though so be very careful and don’t forget safety goggles!

3. Drill Holes.
You’ll want to drill 3 holes that are 3/4″ deep a indicated on the pattern.  Make the holes just a bit smaller than the base of the pegs you use.

You’ll also want to drill holes in the two ear peaks of the owl and about midway up on either side of the owl.  These should be small holes, just a bit larger than the wire you’ll use.  Also drill holes in one end of each of the wings where you will attach them to the owl.

4. Sand Pieces.
Sand both pieces so there are no rough spots.

5. Paint you owl pieces.
First, paint the eye and beak piece and the wooden wheel eyeballs to be the center of the eyes. Set them aside to dry.  Next, paint the wings and the main body of the owl, and the branch part and set them aside to dry.  Finally, paint all of the little pegs, there are five pegs, put when you pick colors for them remember, three are to go on the branch for hanging cool stuff on and two are to hold your eye parts on the owl body.

6. Assemble owl.
Start by using the two pieces of wire to attach the wings to the body. Push an end through the back of the owl for each little hole on the sides and pull through to the front. Twist the wires around each other twice and  then make a curly cue with the rest of the two ends. ( You can do this by wrapping them around a pencil)  Your wings will be a little loose so the owl can fly if he wants to :)

Next put some glue in the pre-drilled holes in your owl. Lay the eye and beak part over the holes and lay the wheel eyeballs over the eye and beak part, put some glue on the pegs and insert them through all of the pieces and into the holes.

Finally, put some glue in each of the three holes in the branch part and insert your pegs. Let all pegs dry for several hours.When everything is dry insert the 18 inch wire through the holes in the ears. Pull the ends through to the front and make a curly cue in each by wrapping it around a pencil a few times. This will hold it in place.

7. Sign your work.
Make sure everyone who helped with the kit signs the back :)|

2kids-OwlHangerKitCoverThat’s all there is to it, all that’s left is to just hang it up and display your favorite stuff on the pegs!

Now remember, if cutting out wood patterns, and getting all the rest of the stuff you’ll need is too much, you can just get it from our shop – Two Kids Guardian Owl Kit.

Happy Family Crafting Everyone!
Kelly, Alex and Sophia

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