Kids Cooking Recipe: Super Simple Grilled Wrap Sandwich

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Last week was our big camping trip for the summer.  We jammed all of our ‘to-do during summer’ stuff into the last few weeks because this summer went too fast.  I blame the weird weather, but I’m glad we got most of the list completed.

Camping and a family mud run were both on the list and we combined them into this one trip (If you’re interested in our before and after pics from our 5K at the Viking Challenge in Fergus Falls, MN, you can see them here :D).  During our time camping, Alex decided he was gonna make lunch for us all–"the best fire-grilled sandwich ever," he said.

The grilled wrap-like sandwiches were very delicious so I thought I’d share his recipe…

What’s your favorite food to make on the campfire?

Kids Cooking Recipe: Super Simple Grilled Wrap Sandwich

Kids Cooking Recipe: Super Simple Grilled Wrap Sandwich


  • Flour Tortillas
  • Deli Meat of Your Choice
  • Cheese of Your Choice
  • Lettuce
  • Tomatoes


  • This recipe is best for older kids to make if you're actually going to be cooking it on a fire while camping. You can make it on the stove top, too. And younger kids can help with the compiling of the sandwich, but the heating part is best for older kiddies or adults.
  • First you'll want to prep your cheese by slicing it up. You can use whatever type of cheese you want, just slice it up first.
  • Next, lay a tortilla shell down on a plate (for transportation to the fire). Place a layer of your deli meat down, and then your cheese. Alex recommends using a patter like the picture below for best cheese melting distribution.
  • Once you have the meat and cheese on the tortilla, it's time to take to the heat. Slide the sandwich into the hot pan. You'll see our camping pan is an old non-stick frying pan.
  • Keep your sandwich on the fire until the cheese gets melty and the tortilla is browned. You'll have to carefully check it by peeking, like Alex is below
  • Once your sandwich has reached the proper melti- and browned- ness, remove it from the heat to a plate (carefully!).
  • Top your sandwich with your desired veggie combo--we used lettuce and tomatoes, but you can add whatever your heart desires.
  • Fold your sandwich in half, add some pickles or chips and serve!

Happy Family Camping Everyone!
Kelly, Alex and Sophia

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  1. Brenna @ Life After Laundry Says:

    I have often made something like this, but never thought to grill or toast it. I bet that would make it so much better. Thanks for sharing this with the Less Laundry, More Linking party.

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