Kids Crafts: Funky Bottle Top Magnets

Posted by Danielle


I have found a great way to use up all the old bottle caps that I save.  I just can’t throw them away!  I knew there was a creative way to make them look snazzy and useful!  We are going to decorate them and turn them into funky little magnets; how fun!  Time to get started; first we’ll begin by digging through old magazines….

MagnetsWe need old magazines, paper scraps, old maps and books, comic strips, old photographs or stickers to decorate our magnets.  I never part with magazines because I know they will be recycled somehow!!  Have a look through your stockpile of scrapbook items and gather the bits you love the most.  Ooh, one more thing to grab:  fine glitter if you like to add a little sparkle to your life!  I know for a fact that my niece Sophia LOVES sparkles!

IMG_2861After you have finished the fun job of collecting decorations and goodies, it is time to grab those bottle caps.  I have a big mug filled with old bottle caps just waiting to be adorned.  You’ll also need some Diamond Glaze (you can get this at craft stores).  This adhesive dries to a clear, glass-like finish.  Now grab a scissor and cut your decorative papers, photos, etc. into 1 inch paper circles.  This is the perfect size to fit into the bottle cap!

IMG_2906When you have finished your cutting, it is time to get to work with the adhesive.  Apply the glaze to the back of your circle pieces and gently stick inside the caps.  Apply a topcoat of the glaze to seal it.  This is the point you may add a little fine glitter for some added sparkle if you like.  When the glaze is completely dried, go ahead and use a strong glue/adhesive to attach a small magnet to the back.  That’s it!

An overview of supplies you’ll need for this craft:

IMG_2967Diamond Glaze (We used Modge Podge cuz I couldn’t find diamond glaze!)
Strong small magnets
Old Bottle Caps
Magazine scraps, photos, etc.
Fine Glitter (optional)

You can really use whatever you like to decorate your bottle cap magnet.  As long as it is tiny enough to fit inside, but big enough to handle!  This is a fun project to do as a group.  They make great party favors instead of sweets and candies!  I found this fantastic craft idea from GreenCraft Magazine, Spring 2012 edition.  The artist is Lorrie Everitt.

Happy Family Crafting,

Aunt Dani!

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  1. Heather @ French Press Says:

    what a fun project to do with he kiddos…thanks for sharing at wake up wednesdays

  2. the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny) Says:

    Magnets are fun to make…and thanks for hosting Wake Up Wednesdays 😀

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