Sculptures Made from Found Objects

Posted by Danielle


The recycling bin at your house could quite possibly be the most exciting thing ever!!  Sounds a little strange, but here is why……sculpture building!  All of those empty cartons, plastic bottles, tubes and containers can be turned into anything!  Feeling like an astronaut today?  Make a space shuttle or a rocket.  Is it a hat you fancy?  Create a party hat that will knock the socks off of anybody!  Maybe your hermit crab needs a new play-pen……??  The ideas are never-ending!

2kids-FoundObjectSculptureOf course the recycling bin is always a fantastic place to start, but let’s not forget about found objects in nature.  The next time you are out on a walk through the park or a hike through the woods with friends or family, bring a canvas bag along for collecting.  Maybe you’ll find a nifty  have rock or sea-shell (like Sophia did for her sculpture).  Depending on the time of year, you may find beautiful autumn leaves or freshly fallen petals of springtime blossoms.  I also like to pick up pieces of bark and sticks that have fallen off trees.  Never intentionally tear blooms or bark of plants or trees.  Only take nature’s offerings!

You’ll be amazed at the findings you have gathered throughout your journey.  You can incorporate these gifts from the great outdoors into your sculpture.  Leaves and bark add texture to smooth plastic surfaces. Sand or small pebbles look rough and worn.  Petals make a soft carpet-like texture.  Seeds that fall from trees look amazing glued onto a cardboard box; allow your imagination to go off in all directions.

Because this art project can become messy, you might want to sculpt outside if the weather is nice!  Otherwise make sure to cover the surface of your work space with old papers or a plastic tablecloth.  All you will need is a scissor, tape and glue to sculpt.  After your sculpture is built and dried (depending on how much glue you use), it is time to decorate with your bits of nature!  Feel free to add paint, glitter and old scraps and fabric pieces.  This is a use-a-little-bit-of-everything project!  I love multi-media!

Some other materials to adorn your sculpture with could be mismatched buttons, bottle caps, shells, crepe paper, leftover wrapping paper or tissue, wooden beads….the list goes on and on.  Just make sure to ask before you use something!

What are you going to sculpt today?  A robot?  A lovely trinket box?  A new invention?  Are you going to paint it silver?  Have fun!!


Happy Sculpting!

Aunt Dani

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