Sticky Sausage Kebabs: A Review of Quorn Sausages

Posted by Danielle

2kids-QuornCover1Tonight I tried something new with a Quorn product for dinner.  The recipe was Sticky Sausage Kebabs.

The recipe was easy to follow and the ingredients were readily available.  I marinated the vegetables, as well as the Quorn sausage, in the mango chutney mix.  After soaking the bamboo skewers in water, as suggested, I threaded the veggie and sausage chunks onto the skewers.  The recipe called for grilling the kebabs.  I don’t have a grill, but I do have a cast iron grill pan.  I preheated my pan so it was very hot and put the skewers in.  I grilled them about 5 minutes per side and making sure all chunks had nice grill marks.

I served them on a bed of coconut rice and a beetroot salad, all drizzled with the mango chutney sauce.  Both my husband and I agree that the kebabs were wonderful.  We ate all of them and I will be making them again.  The sausage had a great texture similar to that of meat sausage.  It tasted like sausage and wasn’t too salty like some meat alternatives do.  Sticky Sausage Kebabs get rave reviews from us!

A Note from Mom (Kelly): Personally, I think these would be great to prepare as a family for a Meatless Monday/Kids Cook Monday Family Meal!

Do you have a favorite meatless meat product?  What is it and how do you like to prepare it?


Happy Family Cooking,

Aunt Dani

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