The Gift of School Supplies: Giving Isn’t Just for Christmas

Posted by Sue


It is hard to believe, but it is back to school time again…Where did our summer go? As a a grandparent, I no longer have to worry about back to school shopping–unless I want too,of course :)

I do love my grandchildren and it is a joy to spend time with them, but thankfully, I can say, their parents have the means to take care of those shopping lists without my help. I realize the growing lists of back to school needs can be a strain on a family budget though. It is an expensive time and stressful for parents struggling to get by.

I discovered a great way to help is to give an anonymous gift card or, take a back to school list and buy as much as you want from the list, and then stick it in a cool backpack and leave on the doorstep of a family you know could use the help. If you don’t know a family you could just leave your gift with your pastor or the family services office in your area. They will know someone who could use it. If you have the cash to spare and you want to make a stressed parents day a little brighter, give it a try!

We shouldn’t have to save our giving spirit just for Christmas it should be alive all year long! It is a great feeling to know you can make such a difference to a child.

So if you are a grandparent, aunt, uncle or just a big-hearted person with no kids you need to purchase back-to-school supplies for, consider helping someone else. Believe me you will have a great time and feel great about it too!

Happy Back-To-School Time,

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