There’s a Peep in my Pocket: Kids Crafts Inspired by Books

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This little cutie was inspired by the book, ‘Junie B. Jones has a Peep in Her Pocket.’ Sophia loves Junie B. Jones, and I do to, actually.  The books make me laugh hysterically and it’s especially fun when Sophia reads them out loud because her voice is perfect for the character–even Alex likes to listen in from time to time.

Last year for school, Sophia would get a monthly book project. She’d have to do something based on a book she’d read.  Most of the projects were defined by her teacher, but for her final project, she got to pick what she wanted to do. Since we had just finished reading ‘Junie B. Jones has a Peep in Her Pocket,’ Sophia and I brainstormed and came up with this little guy.  I made the pattern, but Soph did all the work sewing, stuffing and gluing. I did help with the feet, bird feet made from pipe cleaner are one of my specialties 😀

Anyway, here’s what you’ll need if you want to make your very own pocket peep:

-Yellow fabric
-Orange and Black Felt
-1, long, gold pipe cleaners
-Thread and a needle
-A sewing machine (optional as you can do all your sewing by hand)
-Fabric or hot glue
-An old pair of Jeans
Our Peep Pattern

Step 1 – Cut Your Fabric and Felt
Fold your yellow fabric in half and pin the peep pattern to it and then cut around the edges.  I also included patterns for the eyes and beak, but you can cut those of your felt free hand if you’d like. If you’d rather have a line to follow, I’d trace around them with a fabric marker or just hold them in place while you cut–they’re pretty small for pinning.

Step 2 – Sew Your Peep
Place the right sides of the fabric for your peep together and secure them with a few pins. Bring it over to  your sewing machine and using a light colored thread, sew the two pieces together. Make sure to leave a gap at the bottom as indicated by the triangle notches in the pattern for flipping your peep right-side-out AND for adding stuffing! Plus, this is where your peeps legs will be so leave the opening as wide as you want the legs to be far apart (if that makes sense).

Step 3 – Stuff Your Peep
Grab some stuffing and fill the inside of your peep with it to your desired level of plumpness.  Too much stuffing will make it hard, so try to keep it on the medium-full side.

2kids-PeepInPocket1Step 4 – Attach Legs and Sew Shut
This step can be a little tricky because you have to hold the pipe cleaner and sew the stuffing gap shut.  Basically your just sewing the pipe cleaner in, but letting it stick out on the ends so we can bend the ends into the peep feet later. While hand sewing, fold the edges inward and use small stitches so they are sort of hidden.  Make sure to tie your thread off well so it won’t pull out.

Step 5 – Glue on Face
Grab some fabric glue or a glue gun and place it on the back of each eye and the beak. Then, stick it on the peep just where you want the face to be 😀

Step 6 – Make Your Peep Feet
This is where you fold the pipe cleaner ends that are sticking out into feet.  We gave ours three toes, which is pretty standard for a bird–I think. It looks good anyway. What you do is fold the pipe cleaner up from the bottom and then fold out down again, leaving about 1 inch. Then back-up…it’s hard to explain in words, so I’ve included a close-up photo of the Peep Foot.

Step 7 – Cut out the Pocket
Because I am a pack rat of things that could possibly be used for crafts, I end up keeping many pairs of old jeans that have holes in places that make the jeans less than desirable for wearing in public.  These holes are typically not in the rear pocket region so that means we have lots of jean pockets to choose from.  This particular pocket is from a pair of my old jeans. We just cut out the pocket around the edge–that’s all!

Step 8 – Put your Peep in the Pocket
You don’t have to put your peep in your pocket, but it looks cute that way.  Although you can’t see the adorable feet ;D

Have you made any craft projects based on books you’ve read?


Happy Family Crafting Everyone!
Kelly, Alex and Sophia

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  1. Mariely Says:

    This is such a cute craft for kids! Thanks for sharing your project at the Less Laundry, More Linking party.

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