Aunt Dani’s Spanish Adventure – Monkeys, Hibiscus, Calamari and more!

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Hola, Amigos!  This summer I took holiday break in Spain.  I decided to check out Torremolinos in Costa del Sol along the Mediterranean coast; it was sunny and gorgeous!  Gibraltar was another quick trip that I took advantage of.  It is a British territory filled with history and wonderful sights.  Here is a little snapshot of what I learned and experienced during my get away….

Torremolinos is a spectacular sight to see.  A land filled with tropical hibiscus, agave, many species of birds, too!  The Mediterranean sea is breathtaking; yachts and boats are everywhere.  There are marinas to visit that are full of the most spectacular sailing vessels and fresh seafood available to eat.  I love seafood!

Upon my arrival, all I could think about was calamari.  Calamari is my number one favourite seafood.  Fried squid rings with fresh lemon juice squeezed over the top…yum!  It may sound  odd, but I urge you to try it if possible!  Spain is also known for its tapas.  Tapas are small plates of Spanish specialty food such as local Iberian meats, cheeses, olives and seafood.  I love the concept because it allows a person to try many different things and share.  And I have to give a shout out to the paella!  Paella is a lovely mix of seafood, meat, rice and spices and it is fantastic!

While in Torremolinos, I did as a tourist would do:  I swam every day, lied in the sunshine and read books!  It is definitely a place for relaxation and warmth.  Each night I enjoyed live entertainment; my favourite was flamenco dancing.  Flamenco dance is a beautiful dance, often performed with castanets, to Spanish Flamenco music.  The costumes are absolutely gorgeous and add to the style of dance and movement.  So much colour and rhythm!

After a few days in Torremolinos, I headed for Gibraltar.  Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory located on the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula.  There are many interesting sights in Gibraltar including the Rock of Gibraltar, Moorish castle, Europa Point, St. Michael’s Cave, the WWII Tunnels and (my favourite) the Barbary Macaque apes!!  I took photos of all of these spectacular sights to share with you.  There is so much history to Gibraltar along with its physical beauty!

My tour group started our adventure driving up to Europa point.  This point has spectacular views of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, as well as the coast of Spain and North Africa!  You can literally see all of these things…amazing!  There is an old lighthouse dating back to 1838 that is still in use today, guiding boats and ships through the Strait of Gibraltar.  Next, we continued on up to St.Michael’s Cave which is so fabulous with its stalagmites and size…I could have stayed all day.  It is used for concerts, as well.  There is seating inside for many people to gather; can you imagine how wonderful it would be to see a concert in a cave!?!

 Outside the cave lives the first of 5 families of Macaque apes!  They are seriously cheeky!  These apes are the greatest posers and they are quite the characters.  Some of them will jump onto your shoulders and stare you straight in the eye!  They want your food and snacks, but that is a no-no, as they should not be fed by humans.  The apes can be naughty, too!  I had a great time taking pictures of them showing off and posing for the cameras.  I hope you enjoy my photos!

So there you have it, a little Spanish adventure from me to you!  Make sure to try out a few Spanish recipes; it is a good practice to try new things!  Here are a few links from

Where have you traveled to recently?


Happy Family Travel Everyone!

Aunt Dani

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