Free Pattern – Boo Crew Halloween Craft Kit

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It’s free pattern time again and since we’re getting to the spookiest time of year, this time it’s our Halloween ‘Boo Crew’ kit.  As with all of our kits, this one is fun for kids of all ages and perfect for a family.  If you want to make your own from scratch, though, cutting the pieces out and all, everything you need to do so is below.  BUT, if you’d rather just paint and decorate, you can get all the stuff you need, available in our Boo Crew Kits over at our Shop.

What You Need to Make Your Very Own Boo Crew:

-Paints and paint brushes
– Orange raffia
– Wire for hanging
– Wood for cutting the shapes out
– Sandpaper
Two Kids Cooking & More Free Craft Pattern (Download Here)

Follow These Steps:

1. Trace the shapes from the pattern onto your wood.  You can make them whatever size you want–the ones in our kids are about the size of the patterns included.

2. Cut the patterns out of the wood.  This is for adults or older kids with supervision and some experience.halloweenSanding

3.Use sandpaper to smooth any rough spots on your shapes.

HalloweenGhostPriming4.Base coat all of the shapes first. I would do the light colored shapes first and paint the black cat and bat last. Make sure to wash your brush out with soap and water then dry with a towel before changing to a new color.

3.After the base coat is dry you can add your details, like eyes, mouths, and a jack-o-lantern face on the pumpkin. You could draw your details on with pencil first and then paint them. halloweenCleaningBrushhalloweenDetails2You will want to use a smaller sized brush for detail work. Simple eyes can be made by dipping the tip of your brush handle in paint and dotting it where you want an eye. If you want a bigger dot a pencil eraser works too.

4.After you Halloween creations are completely dried tie the raffia bow around the cat’s neck, or the bat, or wherever you think it would look best.HalloweenCatRaffia

HalloweenWireCat5.Push the wire ends through the pre-drilled holes, about 1 inch should stick through to the front of your shape. Twist the ends around a brush handle a couple of times to make spirals. That will hold the wire ends securely.

6.You could spray your Halloween decorations with a light coat of clear polyurethane if you like. This is optional; it just keeps the decoration looking nice longer.halloweenWireTwistingFinal


Most importantly have fun making your decorations and have a great Halloween!


Happy Halloween Everyone!

Kelly, Alex and Sophia

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