Free Pattern: Fall Leaf Garland Pattern

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Fall is my favorite holiday.  I love the rich, deep colors, cooler temps and all of delicious fruits and veggies from the harvest. I also love all the cool stuff nature produces for which we can use in our crafts–like acorns, gourds and fall-colored leaves.  We actually change up the decor in the house just a bit this time of year, too–when you do as many crafty things as we do, you have lots of seasonal decorations 😀

One of those decorations is a set of fall leaves, hand made by Grandma Sue that inspired our Two Kids Cooking Fall Leaf Garland Craft Kit. In honor fall, we’re gonna share the pattern for our kit!  Here’s what you’ll need to make your own version of our Fall Leave Garland Kit, but, if you just want to paint and decorate, you can get our kit with pre-cut pieces and everything else you need at our Two Kids Cooking Shop.

2kids-FallLeaveKitInsideWhat You Need:

– Paints
-Paint brush
– Wire for hanging
– Sandpaper
– 4 pieces fabric
-Wood for the leaves
Two Kids Cooking Fall Leaf Pattern

Instructions – Fall Leaves Garland

2kids-fallLeaves_Sanding1. Trace your pattern onto the wood and cut them out.
2. Use sandpaper to smooth any rough edges on the leaves. Take the brushes in your kit and put them in water to release the stiffener in them.
2kids-fallLeaves_greenLeaf3. Paint each leaf, both the sides and front, using different colors and let them dry. This is the base coat. I would paint the sides first then lay the leaf down and paint the front.
4. Now add the vein lines with a darker color–if you think of a real leaf the veins are the bumped up lines on the underside.
2kids-fallLeaves-stiplePainting5. You can add other colors to your leaves by stippling. Stippling is done using a brush dipped in paint and then blotting it on some paper towel to get off the excess paint. Once the excess paint is off, hold your brush straight and bounce it up and down on the leaf. It should make light dotted marks on your leaf with the base color showing through. Look at the picture for an example.
2kids-fallLeaves-wireCurling36. When all of your paint is dry, take the wire and put your leaf garland together. Stick the end of the wire through the pre-drilled hole on the leaf then wrap the part sticking through around a brush handle a few times to hold it. Next stick the other end through the next leaf and do the same over and over till they are all connected. You will have a wire on each end to make a loop for hanging.
7. Use the fall fabric strips to tie on the wires in between the leaves and maybe on the end wires, too. They will give the garland a festive look.
8. Sign and date the back so you always remember who all helped make the leaves and when they were created.
9. These can be sprayed with a light coat of clear polyurethane to enhance and preserve the color. I use the fast drying kind and always spray it on outdoors.


If you make your own version of our Two Kids Cooking Fall Leaf Garland, we’d love to see it, so drop us an email with a pic or a link to a picture so we can share it.

Happy Fall Crafting Everyone!
Kelly, Alex and Sophia

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