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Origami is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding and it is fun to do. The patterns vary from easy to very difficult, so everyone can play and create…which is the best part; origami is for everyone!

The benefits of this Japanese art form are numerous, as well. While you are enjoying folding and manipulating paper and following the directions, your brain is at work and your hand-eye coordination is being fine-tuned–Who doesn’t like that?! It’s time to get started…

All you will need for these patterns are square pieces of paper; they can be colourful if you like. This is another awesome benefit of origami, minimal supplies. Paper and the desire to fold and create something cool are the only things you’ll need! You may want to glue additional pieces to some of your work. For example, some of the patterns are animals and it looks kind of cute to glue eyes on them. Do whatever makes you happy 😀

Here are a few helpful websites with wonderful beginning patterns to help you get started:
This site has several patterns for beginners and they are super cute and easy! I find it is best to start out with simple folds to keep frustration at a minimum and prepare you for more difficult creations.
There are great pictures and lots of different patterns on this site, too. If you scroll down you will see an array of really cool stuff to fold and make. I love the animals and flowers. I think I am going to fold a frog and a lotus-flower! What are you going to fold?

This art project is basically free to do. Invite some friends over and pass out the coloured paper. You can gather outside if the weather is nice and sunny or stay indoors. Origami is a fantastic rainy day project for the entire family!

I am definitely going to fold as much as I can today. I want to see if I can cover my kitchen table with origami art! You are going to have so much fun folding and laughing with friends! Sometimes it is fun to try and guess what the other person is making….is it a bug? a box? a cat?? Who knows!

Happy Folding Everyone!!
Aunt Dani

P.S. This is a note from the Mom, Kelly…here are some interesting sites with Halloween and other Holiday Origami: Halloween Origami; Holiday Origami – Have fun!

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