Painting Alfresco

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I love painting. It is fun, easy and anyone can do it. There is no end result in painting a picture; anything you create is fantastic and original! My favourite part of painting is sharing portraits with each other because we each see the world differently…Isn’t that great?!

Taking your paper and supplies outdoors presents an opportunity to paint all of nature’s beauty. There are trees, flowers, insects, buildings, park benches, leaves or maybe a sailboat if you’re lucky! You might find your family pet outside taking a nap in the sun; why not paint a picture of it! If you go at night, like Sophia and her friend in our picture, you can even paint the moon…Going outside will never let an artist down!

You’ll need to gather a few items before you head outside. Remember to keep your supplies at a minimum; simple and easy equals fun. Here is a list of possibilities for your artistic adventure:

  • paper or a stretched canvas of any size
  • a portable easel (this is certainly not necessary, but you may have one)
  • a bucket with a handle (I use this to carry my paints and brushes, etc.)
  • choose a few colours of paint (remember that mixing creates loads of colours!)
  • a few of your favourite brushes
  • a plastic bottle of water and a plastic cup to rinse brushes (reuse a water bottle!)

I like to stick my supplies in a bucket. It is easy to carry with me and holds everything nicely.
Always remember to wear old clothing just in case you get a bit messy!

The fun part of alfresco (which means open air or outdoors) is choosing where to go! I have to admit that my backyard and garden are usually my first choice. There are a multitude of lovely flowers and grasses and my neighbour’s cat for me to paint pictures of! You might have a picnic table to set things on or simply sit down in the grass. Do whatever suits you to be comfortable.

Now that you are outside, let the fun begin! What will you choose to paint? A ladybug or perhaps the lovely blue sky? The world is filled with inspiring creatures, plants, animals and objects. Get out your paints and let your imagination flow. There are no rules for creativity and that is the most wonderful aspect of being artful! You can paint your sky green if that is how you see it!

Happy Outdoor Painting Everyone!

Aunt Dani

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