Show Off Your Kid’s Greatest Creations in Creative Ways

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Kid drawingYour daughter arrives home with a big smile on her face. She pulls open her backpack and proudly displays the family portrait she created in art class. According to Crayola, an important aspect for children who share their artwork is where mom and dad will display it. Showcase your child’s greatest creations in an ultra-creative way to show that you recognize her hard work and to further encourage her creativity.

Scrapbook Art
Immortalize your child’s best pieces of art in a scrapbook dedicated for that exact purpose. Label the pictures with the name of the child and the date in which it was completed, providing the child with drawing paper that will fit into the scrapbook and be willing to throw some stuff away.

Custom Greeting Cards
Add a personal touch to your holiday greeting cards by including your child’s favorite piece of art on the cover. Photo Christmas card ideas include red and green themed cards with your child’s painting of falling snow or his crayon drawing of Santa’s sleigh on the roof. and other customizable greeting card sites allow you to upload a copy of your child’s artwork to be printed on a flat or folded card with your personal text. Choose from a multitude of options to make each card reflect your family.

Digital Creations
Digitalize your child’s precious creations to keep for a lifetime. Sites such as allow you to create multimedia slideshows packed full of your child’s favorite pictures, drawings and even videos of them creating their greatest creations. Once completed, you can save your custom slideshow to your computer, email it to friends and family or make it go viral on social networking sites such as

Frame or Collage Pictures
If you’re like many parents, you want to see your child’s artwork hung proudly as part of your home décor. Protect your child’s creations by framing them or creating a collage of her best pieces. Artwork framed under glass will ensure that it cannot be torn or damaged and will last for years to come. Collages are an excellent way to display a large collection of artwork, while still being protected by frames. For a cheaper alternative to picture frames, opt to laminate each piece of artwork for maximum protection.

DIY Calendars
Calendars are an easy and creative way to save and share your child’s art all year long. While you can scan and upload your child’s creations and have the calendar professionally printed, a more affordable option is to do-it-yourself. Go to the dollar store and pick up an inexpensive calendar or several if you wish to share with grandparents! Choose twelve of your child’s best artwork and paste over the images in the calendar. To better protect the artwork, laminate each picture and create a sealed border with decorative tape.


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