4 Character Ideas for Your Kids’ Halloween

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‘The Avengers’ – Photo by marvelousRoland via Flickr

Today we welcome guest blogger Hank Jones who shares some creative character costume ideas for your kids this Halloween. Hank is perfect for this because he loves comic books and graphic novels. He wishes he could draw, but in the meantime he is happy to write about comics and entertainment.   We hope you enjoy his ideas!   



Halloween is the time of year for your family to indulge on candies and sweet treats, plan parties with goofy novel foods and admire your kid for wearing the cutest costume on the block. Halloween rakes in $6.9 billion among candy and costume sales, and other related items, the National Retail Federation reports. Halloween-time is a big biz, and cute kids costumes play a huge part. Kids love to dress up as their favorite characters whom they watch on TV, and you can find costumes as well as costume pieces at any Halloween costume or craft store. If any of the following characters is your little one’s favorite, then you know what Halloween costume to put together.

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‘The Avengers’
The Avengers’ movie grossed more than $600 million, Box Office Mojo reports, and the superhero craze is even crazier during the Halloween season. All of the main characters from this movie are available in costume form, from the lower end to the incredibly elaborate. Transform your little superhero into Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Hulk, or Captain America. Dress dad up as a supporting character, such as Nick Fury and Agent Coulson, and your family has a fantastic duo for trick-or-treating.

Photo by Olaf via Flickr

‘Star Wars’
‘Star Wars’ characters are a perennial favorite, and ‘Star Wars’ costumes can be used year after year if needed. From Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia to a clone trooper and Hans Solo, Star Wars costumes are plentiful. The Disney Store and other costume stores specialize in official Star Wars costumes, so you can get as authentic as possible. This is also your excuse to pick up a lightsaber, which kids (and adults) always love to battle with.

Photo by Pop Culture Geek via Flickr

‘The Hunger Games’
‘Hunger Games,’ the popular young adult book series and franchise, has a new movie, "\’The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,’ coming out in November. Not surprisingly, October is filled with a ton of hype and excitement about the upcoming film. The costumes range from "easy to put together" to incredibly elaborate. Dress your daughter as the fearless Katniss Everdeen wearing her jacket and boots, side braid, bow, and mockingjay pin.

Photo by Sarabbit via Flickr

Video Game Characters
Is your kid’s bedroom practically an arcade full of video game consoles and a gaming computer? If so, then dressing him up as the protagonist of his favorite video game may make this year’s Halloween epic. The character options run the gamut, from simplistic to insanely detailed. Popular characters include Pokemon, Mario Brothers, Sonic, Assassin’s Creed, Final Fantasy, Angry Birds, and God of War. If you’re crafty, have your kid help you make their costume as a bonding, festive experience. Find accessories for many video game cosplays through sites such as Etsy and Artfire, and concentrate on the parts you can easily create yourself.

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