Halloween and Freedom

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)


It’s the time of year when, as the days get shorter, there is a coolness in the air and a crunchiness underfoot.  The moon glows in the sky, silhouetting the naked trees and signally the approach of the spookiest holiday–Halloween. Halloween isn’t just the time of year when kids get free candy for dressing up and asking; it’s also the time of year when kids and adults alike can step out of the everyday and try on something new.

If your a creative type, trying new creative things, like recipes, or fashion, music, etc…it’s nothing new.  But even those of us who are more interested in expression than fitting in develop certain boundaries we rarely cross.  I’ll admit that kids are less likely to ‘conform’ but even non-conformists are conforming to non-conforming (did I just say that?)  My point is, we all get in routines.  Halloween is a one of those perfect times of year to get out of that routine and test out something you’ve always wanted to try-on. If you’re nervous about revealing your desire to try out water color painting, be a painter for Halloween and say it’s part of your costume–same for football, cooking Indian food, or ballet.  It might even be that you’ve always just wanted to dress-up like a zombie–that’s just not an everyday thing, right? So go wild on Halloween–be what you can’t be the rest of the year.

This year, Sophia is going to be a mummy/zombie bride with wings.  I’m going to be an Undead Flapper (deciding between ghost and zombie).  I’m not sure what Alex is going to be since he really doesn’t trick-or-treat not that he’s a sophisticated 14 year old. He does have to dress up this year though, cuz we get to hand out candy to all our neighborhood friends–YAY!  Whatever he chooses, I’m sure it’ll be something fun (I’m guessing Dr. Who themed, but we’ll see).  With each of these costumes we will become someone else, just for those hours, and no one will think anything of it–in fact, they’ll know it’s perfectly normal.

I think that is why I love Halloween, because it allows us to express ourselves freely without judgement.  The crazier the costume and the attitude that goes with it, the more fun.

We hope you all have fun coming up with your costumes this year.  We’d love to see ’em, so make sure to stop by our Facebook page and share a picture–we’ll be sure to share ours.

Happy Halloween Everyone!
Kelly, Alex and Sophia

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