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We’ve been blogging for a few years now, and since Halloween is my favorite Holiday, and one of the kids favorite holidays (after Christmas, of course); we have lots of recipes and crafts that you may have missed. Some of you might not even know we have an online cooking show…although it’s been on hiatus for a while, we’re hoping to bring it back with crafts and other stuff, starting in 2014.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for a fun, easy-to-make-with-the-kids craft, food, resources or just some entertainment, here’s a few things we’ve shared over the years that you might like:

Recipes (if we did a Two Kids TV episode on the recipe, it’s in parenthesis following the link) –

Brains on the Half-Skull (Cherry Tomatoes with Cottage Cheese Filling) – Two Kids TV Episode
Halloween Grave Cake
Meringue Ghosts
Snackulas (Tomatoe Basil Crostini) Two Kids TV Episodes
Zombie Treats (Ravioli with Fresh Mozzarella)Two Kids TV Episode
Marian MallowsTwo Kids TV Episode
‘Lil Haunties (Coconut Gelatin Ghosts)
Zombie Eyes (String Cheese and Cherry Tomatoes)
Sundae Bloody Sunday (Strawberry Chocolate  Sundae with Halloween Sprinkles)
Photon PotionTwo Kids TV Episode
Burnt at the Steak Kabobs
Cheesy Brain Bites (Steamed Cauliflower with Cheese Sauce)
Franken Spider Meatballs
Halloween Ice

Halloween Crafts

Jack-O-Lantern & Ghost Jars
Who is the Boo Crew
Free Pattern: Boo Crew Kit
Halloween Tin Cans
Spooky Ghost Lamp Shade
Spider and Jack-O-Lantern Magnets
Bat Wall!
Halloween Shadow Plates
Tree Spider

Miscellaneous Halloween

Halloween Decorating with a Template
Silly Monster and Ghost Party Anytime
The Truth About Monsters: Helping Kids Overcome Fears
Halloween and Freedom
4 Character Ideas for Your Kids Halloween


Two Kids TV

Two Kids TV: Zombie Fingers with Blood Sauce (Mini wieners in BBQ sauce)
Two Kids TV: Zombie Cocktails
Two Kids TV: Peanut butter Spider Cookies
Two Kids TV: Marshmallow Bats and Forked Eyeballs
Two Kids TV: Brains with Slime Sauce (Spaghetti Squash with Pesto)
Two Kids TV: Bleeding Hearts

We hope you enjoy clicking through all these ideas!

P.S. Which do you prefer, Halloween recipes or Crafts? Let us know by commenting right now!


Happy Halloween Everyone!
Kelly, Alex and Sophia

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