Kids Halloween Craft: Spider and Jack-O-Lantern Magnets

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)


Our fridge is eternally filled with pictures, notes and reminders…all adhered the the big white box with bunches and bunches of magnets.  Some of them have clever says, others are just cute and some we’ve made ourselves.  That’s what we’re gonna share with you today, a couple of Halloween-y magnets that we made ourselves.  As you can see from the picture, they are spiders and jack-o-lantern magnets–they’re holding an super cute Halloween drawing Sophia whipped up 😀

2kids-MagnetsSuppliesIf you want to make your own spider and jack-o-lantern magnet craft, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Bottle caps
  • Magnets
  • Pipecleaners
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Paint Brushes.
  • Double-sided foam tape

2kids-Spidermagents7Step 1: Paint Base Color
If your doing a spider, the base will be black, for the pumpkin, it’ll be orange.  You’re going to want to do two or three coats for good coverage.  Make sure to let them dry between coats.  This is a perfect step for kids of any age.

2kids-spiderMagnets9Step 2: Add Pipe Cleaner Detail
Once your base coat is dry, it’s time to add the pipe-cleaner detail.  For the spider, that’s the legs. Set the bottle cap, face down, on a table.  Use hot glue to attach for legs to one-side and four to the other.  For the pumpkin.  You’ll take a green pipe cleaner and fold it so it looks like a stem with some leaves.  Then you’ll hot glue it to the top-front of the orange bottle caps.

2kids-spiderMagnetsmagnetsStep 3: Add Magnet
Next, it’s time to glue the magnet in. First we have to add a few pieces of double-sided foam tape.  Use two or three pieces, cut to the size of the inside of the magnet and stack them until the surface of the back of the magnet is even with, or just higher than the sides of the bottle cap.  Hot glue the magnet to the top.

2kids-spiderMagnetseyesStep 4: Paint Detail
Now it’s time for the fun part, adding the detail.  You can Use paint pens for this or even a sharpy for the jack-0-lantern.  Honestly, I recommend it for the pumpkin because it makes it easier to get the detail right. I used a sharpie marker myself on the second try because trying to paint it just didn’t turn out.  For the spider eyes, we just used the handle end of the paint brush, adding two white dots.  Once the white dries, add another dot of black and you’re all done.

2kids-HalloweenMagnetsCover2Step 5: Spray
Once all your details are completely dry, spray your creations with a protective spray.  We used Modge Podge Gloss Clear Acrylic Sealer.

Once it dries, you’re all done and it’s time to go attach some cool stuff to the fridge with your new magnets!

If you like this craft idea, be sure and share it with your friends AND make sure to let us know with a comment!


Happy Halloween Crafting Everyone!

Kelly, Alex and Sophia

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