Kids Halloween Craft: Tree Spider

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)


With Halloween being my favorite holiday, we’ve been doing lots of planning for how to make our house perfectly spooky for trick-or-treaters this year–our first ever for having trick-or-treaters!  We want a grave yard simulation in the front yard with ghosts and a scary person on the front porch; fog and scary music and sounds–maybe even one of those projectors that shoots Halloween Scenes on the garage door…

I’m not sure how much of our plan we’ll get done, but one item that’s a FOR SURE is a big huge spider in a tree 😀  Yep, that picture is the tree in front of our house with our very own hand made spider.  I’m not sure that he’s that scary, but he is in season and I’m sure our visitors this 31st of October will love him.

If you’re interested in how we made ours, here’s what we did:

2kids-HalloweeSpider1Supplies You’ll Need:

  • 1 Large Black Lawn Bag
  • Newspaper
  • Packaging tape
  • 8 pipe insulators (2 packs of 4)
  • Tag Board
  • Markers
  • Rope and string, possibly nails


Step 1: Fill the lawn bag with newspaper
Crumble up old newspapers and stuff them into the lawn bag until you get it to the size you want.  Sophia and her neighborhood friend stuffed ours ’til it was about 2 feet across.  You can decide how big you want it relative to the size of the pipe insulators you got for the legs.  For us, 2 ft was perfect.


Step 2: Tape and shape the bag
When you finish stuffing the bag, you’ll want to close the top securely. We twisted ours closed and thane taped it shut with packing tape.  Then, Sophia and her friend to the pointy corners that stuck out on the bottom of the bag and taped them up, so the spider head was round instead of pointy on two sides.


Step 3: Add the Legs
Now it’s time to add legs to your spider head/body.  For this you’ll take your pipe insulators and tape them into the plastic bag.  Just rip a hole in the bag where you want the first leg to go, stick it in and then peel it open…the insulator has a slit down the side, so just open it up…then tape from the inside of the insulator to the inside of the bag so you can’t see the tape.  Once the leg is secure, you’ll want to remove the protective strip down the slit of the insulator strip and stick the sides together.  Do this for each leg, spacing four one side and four on the other.



Step 4: Add the Spider’s Face
Next, it’s time to add the fact to your spider. For this we used tag board and markers.  Soph and her friend cut out large circles and colored them to look like red eyes.  Then we taped over them with clear packing tape to protect them from weatherly moisture 😀  The girls also decided our spider needed some fangs, so they cut out a couple of triangles and attached them as well.


Step 5: Hang Your Spider Up!
Hang up your spider can be a bit challenging, but you can secure it in a spot that is easier than a tree!  We used a blue rope that was left in the tree by the previous home owners to hold a kid swing.  To hold the legs in place, we tied them up and secured them to the tree with twine.  We thought about hanging it on our patio or even on the house, but the tree was our original plan, so we stuck with it.


We love our spider and it’s actually been up for about two weeks now and it’s holding up to lots of rain and wind perfectly.  We hope that Halloween nice is rain and wind free and a balmy 60 degrees or higher…fingers-crossed!

Have you made any Outdoor Halloween Decorations this year?  Let us know what with a comment!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Kelly, Alex and Sophia

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