3 Unique Gift Kids Will Love

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)


Are you looking for a unique, inspiring gift for your kid?  One that they will love, but didn’t ask for?

Every year I ask the kids to get me their Christmas lists so I know what they want.  I don’t like getting gifts that will be discarded, but the fact is, even some of those cherished ‘wants’ end up on the sideline a few days after Christmas.  That’s why I always try to get them at least one gift that wasn’t on their list, but that I just know they’d love.

We all know our kids pretty well, but sometimes ideas from the vast internets are helpful 😀 So, if you’ve got a crafty kid, or an aspiring chef, or even a mini-gardner, I’ve got a couple ideas that might just be perfect for your kids.  Our full gift guide will be out Thanksgiving week, but to get you started, here’s what I’ve got…

For Crafty Kids!
If you’ve got kids that love getting out the glue, paint and crayons, we’ve got a holiday gift idea they’ll love:

Green Kid Crafts –
If you’re not familiar with Green Kid Crafts, they offer single discovery box craft kits, or subscription based craft packages–all with earth-friendly materials and packaging. Plus, on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, they are having an INCREDIBLE sale–They are offering 40% off Single Discovery Boxes in addition to 15% off all of our Gift Subscriptions. Those are some great deals and perfect for the holidays! It’s a gift that keeps on giving with boxes to open on Christmas morning and boxes that will keep coming month after month.

To get these awesome deals, use coupon code: blackfri or cybermon

Deal Links:

Black Friday Deal – 40% Off Single Discovery Boxes

Cyber Monday – 15% Off Gift Subscriptions

 For Mini-Foodies!
I know mini-foodies pretty well, since I have two!  From custom kids kitchen tools, to fun things to cook in the kitchen, we’re full of ideas.  Here’s an idea that the little cooks (and not-so-little cooks) in your life would enjoy:

Mozzarella and Ricotta Homemade Cheese Kit
We had so much fun the first time the kids and I made mozzarella…we’ve haven’t tried ricotta yet…but with this kit you get all you need to make both!  The process is also kinda science-y with all the separation of milk into it’s various parts–pretty cool to try.  Plus, once you make the cheese, you get to use it in a recipe and EAT IT!

 For Little Green Thumbs!
If you’ve got a little one that loves to plant stuff and watch it grow, why not get a gift that will grow their gardening knowledge and provide edible delights year round:

Indoor Garden Starter Kit
With a light perfect for growing herbs to starting seeds, your gardener in training will be able to tend to plants year round!  I’ve always wanted one of these things, but with the kids only here every other week and me not being home when they’re not here keeping the plants adequately watered is a challenge–although if there was a way to make it self-watering….

Anyway, if you’re family loves growing stuff you can eat, even when it’s snowing, this would be a cool gift idea.

As you can see, any of these three gifts probably are not on your child’s ‘want’ list, but any of them would be well appreciated by the right child.

What are some unique ideas you’ve got for your creative kids?


Happy Holidays,

Kelly, Alex and Sophia

NOTE: Links to these products are affiliate links. 

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