Give Thanks for the Memories: Friendship the Turkey Craft Kit

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)


Although on that very first Thanksgiving, turkey was not the main centerpiece of the meal that it is today, due to the abundance of wild turkeys, it was one of many foods shared that day. Even before Thanksgiving became an official holiday in 1963, by the mid 1800s turkey had become a common to serve in the New England states.  In the USA, when you think of Thanksgiving, you think turkey, simple as that.

So, every year, as I take down the ghosts, witches and jack-o-lanterns, up go the turkeys.  Since I’m one of those moms that can’t throw any thing my kids made away, I have lots of turkey art that has come home from school over the years, as well as all of our at home turkey crafts. All of these turkey works of art find a place in our home, reminding of us of the day we share food and give thanks.

Friendship Turkey is one of our collection. The reason he is special to us is that we made him. We painted him up all turkey-cute, put him together and then signed our names with the date.  Now, every year when we put him out with all of our other turkeys, we remember the fun we had customizing and creating our Friendship Turkey decoration.  Plus, unlike some of the paper turkey’s I’ve kept over the years, Friendship Turkey is made of sturdy wood and will not get ruined over the years of storage and display–he’s a memory we’ll be able to keep forever and pass down for future generations to see our handy work! (my kids LOVE looking at stuff I made in grade-school)

These memories are the reason we created or Friendship Turkey Craft kit…we want to spread the memory creation around.  We want all families to experience these ‘remember when…’ moments when they see their own Friendship Turkey, just like we do.  You can get your own kit at our Shop!.  The kits also make great gifts to bring to the family hosting Thanksgiving, or for your own kids so they can get creative before the family feast.

Order your families Friendship the Turkey Craft kit today, and get starting creating your Thanksgiving memories!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone,

Kelly, Alex and Sophia

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