Snack Review: Pop It! Top It!

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)


Today we’re talking snacks.  Snacks that are perfect for when you’re looking to satisfy that sweet tooth, but still get a little salt.  Perfect for a casual get together with friends, sharing at a potluck for dessert or even a late family movie night–Today we’re talking Pop it! Top It!

The first thing I’m going to say about this product is that it is addictive. It’s one of those treats that you taste, then walk away, and the go back and back and back.  I’m not even a huge fan of sugar (like others in my family…*cough* sophia *cough*), and I kept on eating and eating. It kinda reminded me of our Reindeer Treats Recipe with that irresistible salty-sweet combination.

What was really nice about the product is that everything you need is right inside the bag…you get a microwave popcorn, the candy melts and the sprinkles.  You just pop your popcorn, melt the candy melts and stir ’em in, then add your sprinkles…let it cool and you are snacking!   I do wish you didn’t have to wait for the cooling, but it is best if you d0 (less messy and fewer chances of tongue burns–I speak from experience!)

Once you do let every thing cool and start snacking, though, I know you won’t be able to stop until the bowl is empty. Again, I do not really dig the whole sugary sweet thing, but for some reason these salty-sweet treats just pull me it.  Pop it! Top it! is definitely one of those snacks that is hard for even salt lovers to resist.

If you see it in your local super market, try it; OR, check out their website, where you can order it online.  We had the snicker doodle flavor…we actually still have one more pack that I’m saving…we’ll see how long it lasts 😀

Happy Family Snacking Everyone!

Kelly, Alex and Sophia

We were provided a 2 packs of Snickerdoodle flavor Pop it! Top it! that to review. The opinions expressed are our honest impressions of the product.

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