Super Healthy Kids Thanksgiving Special and Give-Away

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In addition to planning for the holidays and giving thanks, this is the time of year where I start thinking about planning and goals for next year.  One goal I always have is to find more interesting healthy food options that the kids will want to eat…or at least try.  Over the years one of my greatest sources of inspiration has been my favorite blog,  Last year I finally decided I needed to join their menu planning site and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

If you’re looking for:

  • Kid-Friendly Recipes
  • Tasty, Seasonal Recipes
  • Kid Make-able Recipes
  • Nutritious, Healthy Recipes
  • Menus and Recipes Delivered to your in-box
(the deal is only good 11/27 – 12/2 so order today!)

Honestly I don’t follow their meal plans exactly, but they have so many great recipes and ideas. Plus, they really focus on in season fruits and veggies and their creative presentations always get my daughter interested in at least tasting.  At almost 15, Alex is less impressed by the adorable presentation, but the recipes taste good too, so once he tastes something, he usually eats it.

Another reason I love being a member is that it takes a lot of the legwork out of meal planning and shopping.  If I need ideas I just head on over and check out what’s on the recent menu (they also email them out weekly, along with some awesome tips!).

Oh, and all their kid-friendly recipes are all pretty much kid ‘make-able’, too.  So, in addition to getting custom menus designed by a health education specialist and a professional dietician, most of the recipes are simple enough for the kids to help prepare. It’s like double the learning–learning to cook AND appreciating healthy, nutrition foods.

The reason I bring it up is because Amy and Natalie are currently offering an awesome, Buy One, Get One deal through the Thanksgiving weekend!  The membership is very reasonable anyway, so this deal is a total steal!

If you’re looking to increase your kid-friendly healthy meal repertoire in 2014, I encourage you to check out Super Healthy Kids–you’ll be glad you did!

AND, we’re also lucky enough to be giving away a FREE 12 MONTH SUBSCRIPTION to the Super Healthy Kids Menu Planning Program! So, sign-up now, it’s super easy!

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Happy Healthy Eating Everyone!

Kelly, Alex and Sophia

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