Tasty Purple Treats!

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Today, contributing author, Aunt Dani is going to share some purpley goodness!  She always has some simple, tasty recipes that look super fancy.  And, to make it a full family event, my brother (and Dani’s) Uncle Michael and his wife, Aunt Haley took all the great pictures.  Enjoy the post!

Do you like purple?  Do you like the colour purple so much that you want to eat it?  Me too!!  As I was walking through my favourite place in London, Borough Market, purple seemed to pop out from every corner.  I had no idea there were so many natural foods in shades of passionate purple.  This is what I saw:

  • Purple sprouting broccoli
  • Shiny aubergine/eggplant
  • Lovely purple potatoes
  • Gorgeous beetroot
  • Crispy purple lettuces of different varieties
  • Radishes in purple shades
  • Juicy grapes
  • Delicious plums

Mother nature has given us a beautiful basket filled with purple fruits and vegetables.  I’m excited and ready for some quality time in the kitchen; join me!  With all of these amazing ingredients from our purple collection, we can create some fantastic salads.  Simple and delicious; it doesn’t get any better than that!

Purple Salad
Let’s start by washing our lettuces and spinning them dry for our salad.  I’ve sliced my colourful radishes and tossed them in.  I know that beetroot will make this salad taste fabulous, too.  Beets have a lovely flavour and will add a richness to your salad that you will love!  I am going to toss a few halved grapes in for sweetness and crunch and some crumbled goat cheese for creaminess.  A simple mix of olive oil and a vinegar of your choice is the perfect dressing.  Add a dash of pepper and your purple salad is center stage!

Roasted Purple Veggie Salad

Next I am going to prepare a lovely roasted veggie salad.  Eggplant roasts beautifully in your oven.  This recipe is from FineCooking.com.  I am also going to oven roast my purple broccoli and potatoes.  Alternatively, you can grill these veggies in a grill basket or foil.  Whatever you like best!  Once again, keep it simple and the vegetables will taste amazing.  Just a bit of oil and a dash of fresh herbs or salt.  These purple veggies are going to look and taste wonderful!

Plum Tart
At last it is time for the best part…plum tart!  One of my favourite recipes is from FoodNetwork.com. It is easy to follow and tastes absolutely amazing with vanilla ice cream.  If you can’t be bothered with baking or prefer a healthy alternative, might I suggest a fruit salad of plums, grapes and cherries sprinkled with chopped walnuts and a touch of whipped cream?  This would also taste lovely on vanilla yogurt.

It’s time to eat!  Set your table or pack up a purple picnic to share with friends.  Cheers to Mother Nature and the gifts of summer harvesting!  Enjoy your purple feast :) !!

Have a Purpley Day!

Aunt Dani

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