Burgers’ Smokehouse: A Review & Gift Idea!

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)


After Turkey day and then the following days of leftovers, the craving for meat that is NOT turkey starts to set in.  Maybe something like baby back ribs, or perhaps a burger with bacon and cheese?  If either of these items are on your menu for the upcoming week, we highly recommend picking up Burgers’ Smokehouse brand.  Why? Well, we recently had the opportunity to try out their ribs and bacon and they are delicious!

When it comes to ribs, I’m usually a ‘purchase-plain-season-and-cook-on-my-own’ kinda person; but with Burgers’ Smokehouse, I’ll make an exception.  In our test package we received on pack in BBQ sauce and one with non-BBQ seasoning.  Alex and Sophia both couldn’t stop raving about how good the were and since they are the fussy ones in this house, that says something.

In addition to the tastiness, I also liked the simplicity. Because these ribs are not ‘raw’ they don’t take hours to get to that perfect texture…more like 30 minutes. I served ’em up with mashed potatoes and corn for a mouth-watering rib dinner in 30 minutes.

For the bacon we tested the original city bacon in our Bacon Sage Squash bites recipe; we used the applewood smoked bacon on Venison Pork Burgers and the city peppered bacon was consumed as a side to eggs for breakfast. All the bacon was good, and although thinly sliced, held it’s shape.  You know how some thin bacon just shrivels up, this bacon does NOT do that, it remains bacon-shaped, which is how I prefer my bacon.



The fact that the Burgers’ Smokehouse brand has been around since 1952, where it started as the ‘Ham House’ is also kinda cool. I love family-grown businesses like this and you can read their full history at their website. While you’re there, you might consider ordering some of their meat and give it a try. Or, maybe one of their gift packs that look perfect for those meat-lovers on your list!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Kelly, Alex and Sophia

NOTE: We received free samples of the ribs and bacon we tried, but all opinions are our own.

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