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Today, my world traveling sister, currently residing in the U.K and best known as Aunt Dani, shares some tips for keeping the holidays healthier.

This post is all about healthy holiday eating and feeling great throughout the season.  Loads of sweets and zillion-calorie meals are in great abundance once November hits the calendar.  Treats are fantastic in small doses and it is quite easy to stay on a healthy track!  Here are some simple and fun routines to get into to keep you and your family feeling great.

Whoever thinks salads are specific to hot summer months is wrong!  Salads are for any occasion and I have some lovely and delicious ideas right here for you…

The Ultimate Bliss Salad with Ginger Miso Dressing –
I found this yummy goodness on one of my favourite pages, www.mindbodygreen.com. It is loaded with flavourful and super-healthy ingredients!

Christmas Tree Salad Pomegranate Pecans
This is just about the prettiest salad I have ever seen!  Although it is called Christmas Tree salad, I am going to eat it throughout the year because it is seriously addicting.  I hope it makes it to your holiday table!

Lemon Quinoa Cilantro Chickpea Salad –
I am very fond of both quinoa and chickpeas for several reasons.  Quinoa is my favourite little nugget loaded with all the essentials a vegetarian needs!  And it is one of those groovy foods that you can make savoury or sweet, so I totally love it.  As for chickpeas?  Well, I eat more hummus than the average human so I cannot live without them!  I saw this salad on Pinterest and immediately purchased all ingredients.  It is amazing and super easy to prepare, too!

It is true that a diet loaded with fruits and veggies does a body very good, but let us not forget about getting the blood flowing!  Exercise is fun and FREE!  No matter what the season, get outside!  If you can, go for a walk.  All you have to do is dress for the weather.  If it is snowing at your house, pull the sled out and get your boots on! If you live in a warmer area, light layers and the wagon to pull children!  Fresh air is essential to health and it feels amazing!

You can adjust nearly every activity to include everyone, as well.

I hope I have inspired you to try some new foods and get outdoors this season!  It is easy to get into healthy habits once you start, and the more family and friends involved, the more likely these activities will become routine.

Happy, healthy season to you!

Aunt Dani

P.S. Share your healthy holiday recipes in the comments!

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