Make Your Own Angel Ornaments

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Since this is the first Christmas the kids and I are in a house in a long time; And, since we have two floors, we have two Christmas trees!  One is the fake one we had in the apartment and the other is a REAL TREE!

We’re super excited about our double story winter wonderland. Sophia did an awesome job with her decorating. Yes, the 10 year old led the effort with her plans inspired by the movie Elf.  We have everything–snowflakes hanging from the ceiling, stuffing/snow on every exposed surface, lights, plus all or regular decorations.  I’ll have to share some pics via instagram to provide the full perspective.

The deal is, though, that with two Christmas trees, we need twice as many ornaments.  That means we’ve been making some 😀  This is one of them and we’re sharing it with you all, of course!  Here are the details if you want to spend some family time making new ornaments for your tree (or trees!), too 😀

2kids-AngelOrnament7What You Need:
– Silver Pipe-cleaners
– Craft Popsicle sticks
– Acrylic Paint
– A sharpie marker
– White Tulle
-Hooks or fishing line for hanging

Step 1 – Paint your stick
Paint all but the top part of your stick white on both sides. The non-painted part will be the angels face.  it might take more than one coat. With some direction, even younger kids can help with this step.

Step 2 – Cut your Tulle
We got our tulle in rolls on-sale after Halloween.  The role is a about six inches wide and we cut about an 18 inch piece.  For your angels, cut one piece per angel.  This is a great job for grade school kids learning about measuring, they can practice their skills while measuring and cutting.

Step 3 – Cut your Pipe-cleaner
We used about about 6 inches of silver pipe-cleaner for each angel.  The pipe-cleaner that we typically buy comes in 12 inch lengths, so we just cut each in half.  Again, another perfect job for a grade school age assistant.

Step 4 – Draw on Your Face
This step can be done with paint, too, if you want, but for us, a sharpie is much easier.  Just dot on your eyes and nose and swipe on a smile and you’re ready to go.

Step 5 – Prep Your Pipe-cleaner for Wrapping
The pipe-cleaner is what holds the angels tulle-wings on, but before you do that, it’s best to prepare the angels halo.  To do so, just wrap one end of the pipe-cleaner around your finger and then bend it 90 degrees as shown in the picture.

Step 6 – Wrap on your Tulle
This part is a bit tricky, so best for older kids or adults. First fold one 3 inch loop (6 inches folded in half); than do that on the other side. Wrap it so there are two loops on each side.

Next, place your stick, face side out, onto the tulle and wrap it on with the pipe cleaner, wrapping it criss-cross around the angel (see pic).  Make sure the final wrap goes up behind the head of the angel so the halo is in the right place.

Step 7 – Add A Hook
Finally, add your hook so you can hang it.  We got our hooks at the store, but you could use fishing line or a thin string.

That’s it, now you can hang your angel on your tree, or angels if you made more than one like us!

Do you make ornaments every year?  We’d love to know!


Happy Holidays Everyone!

Kelly, Alex and Sophia

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