Make Your Own Snow Hat Ornament

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These ornaments came from Sophia and her school.  She’s now in 5th grade, but last year her class made these and when she brought it home, I just loved ’em.  This year when we were working on making additional ornaments for our second Christmas tree, she brought these up right away and I was all on board.  She also recommended sharing them with ‘the website’ (that’s what she calls :D),  I agreed that we had to share this holiday ornament idea. It’s super easy and who couldn’t use a few more ornaments for the tree, right?

As usual, the steps for making your very own ornament follow.  If you do make your own, let us know, we’d love to see a picture!

2kids-HatOrnament13What you need:
-An empty toilet paper or paper towel roll
-A scissors

Step 1: Cut the toilet paper roll to size
The band part of the hat is created by a piece of cardboard. We cut our band about 1 1/2 to 2 inches.  This entire project is good for kids from about 7 up and this step is great for them.  If the kids are younger, show them how first and then let them take over.

Step 2: Prep and Cut your Yarn
The most important part of this project is the yarn.  To make cutting your strips of yarn easy, Sophia suggested that the best way is to wrap it around your arm  as she is in the picture. Wrap it around from your elbow up over your thumb, over and over.  Then, cut the yarn right across the middle. You’ll end-up with a bunch of strips of yarn the perfect length.  One note, if your kid has really small arms, it’s better to use your arms, you don’t want your strips too short ;D

Step 3: Add Yarn to Cardboard Roll
The next step is to add your yarn to your cardboard.  To do that, take one of the strands of yarn and fold it in half.  Then stick it through the whole of the cardboard.  Take the ends of the yarn and stick them through the loop of the other end, wrapping the yarn around the cardboard (see pictures).  Pull the yarn tight and continue adding strand by strand to fill all around your cardboard band.

Step 4: Pull the Yarn Through to Form Hat
Once you’ve got the cardboard band completely wrapped in yarn, it’s time to pull the strands through the center of the band to form the hat.  Pull every strand though as shown in the pictures.

Step 5: Tie the Hat
To complete your hat, you need to make the fuzzy ball on top. To do this, you take an extra piece of string and tie it about 3 or so inches down from the top. Tie it tight so it looks like the ball on the top of stocking caps.  You’ll want to trim the ball top too, so it’s all neat.

Step 6: Add a Loop for Hanging
For the final step, attach another piece of yarn that will be a loop to hang it on the Christmas tree.

That’s all folks, now just add it to your holiday tree and you have got an adorable, wintery ornament to add to your collection–Plus, all the family fun and memories of creating it!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Kelly, Alex and Sophia

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