Popcorn Cranberry Tree Garland

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I don’t think we did it every year when I was a kid, but I do recall various memories of Christmas’ past with a needle, string and bowls of cranberries and popcorn. It was always so fun when we started, making patterns with the berries and popcorn and seeing who could go the fastest. But, after about 3 feet in, the realization that we’d need a lot of this stuff to cover the whole tree set in.

Despite the memory of stringing the garland, I will admit that I’m not sure how much of the actual work my siblings and I did–Mom must have always finished the job.  I never remember our tree being only half-full of popcorn and cranberry garland, so she either made enough to finish the job, or was just really good at making a little garland go a long way.  Maybe a combination of both 😀

This year is the first year Alex, Sophia and I have attempted a Popcorn Cranberry Tree Garland.  Not because it’s hard, but we’ve just never gotten to it before.  This year’s wasn’t even exactly a full garland and Sophia did all the work. While she strung the garland, I made other tree ornaments and Alex played Dota, all to a background of Christmas music.  It was a good night that I’ll remember.

I probably will not remember every detail, but I’ll remember being with my kids preparing for the holiday–Sophia diligently patterning her cranberries and popcorn and Alex talking in gamer code to his friends over Skype while holiday melodies played in the background.  I get that warm, memory feeling even now, just thinking about it. (Yes, I realize it happened less than a month ago, but still.)

We’ll string another garland again next year, try and make it a decorating tradition.  Maybe Alex and I will even help Soph out so we get enough for both of our trees. This year, I think we ended up with only about 5 feet or so of garland. Luckily magical Grandma was at our house when we decorated the tree…

What is your favorite Holiday Decorating Tradition?

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Kelly, Alex and Sophia

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