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When I first saw a Santa Walking Stick that Grandma had made, I knew I had to share it with everyone here at Two Kids Cooking & More.  It’s a simple, fun holiday craft that is perfect for a winter hike, or if you head out on a Christmas Caroling adventure.  Luckily, Grandma was over when we made ours, so she and Sophia share the step-by-step below.

What You Need:
-A stick that’s good for walking with
-Some scrap fabrics in your favorite holiday colors and patterns
-White batting or stuffing
-A jingle bell
-a wood bead or a round thumb tack

Step 1: Find Your Stick
For this, Sophia and her BFF went for an outdoor scavenger hunt with just one item on their list–sticks!  They came back with a few that would be perfect walking sticks, and we selected our favorite.

Step 2: Paint Your Santa Nose and Let it Dry
If your using a wooden bead or a tack, paint it whatever color you want Santa’s nose to be. We went with pink, but a tan or peachy color would work, too.  If you paint it first, it will dry while you’re working on the rest of the project.

Step 3: Cut out Santa Hat
Before you cut out the triangular shape for your Santa hat, you’ll want to make sure that you make the bottom edge wide enough fit around your stick. To do this, measure it. Then, on the paper you’re using for your pattern, make the bottom edge of your triangle about 1 1/2 inches bigger (to account for seams and stuffing).  Next, draw the rest of your pattern as tall as you want your hat to be. Cut the pattern out of the paper and pin it to your fabric.  Then, cut out your your fabric and you’re ready to sew.

Step 4: Sew Santa Hat
Sophia, age 10, is a good sewer. She’s still a beginner, but knows her away around a sewing machine.  The nice thing about sewing this hat is that it doesn’t have to be perfect looking…in fact a little roughness makes it more charming.  So she just folded the triangle from the pattern in half, pinned the edges and then stitched it up. Grandma supervised 😀

Step 5: Cut Wire and Insert in Hat
Once your hat is sewed together, it’s time to insert a wire.  The wire allows you to bend your hat in different positions to look all fancy.  We used some craft wire we had that was sturdy but not too thick and cut it the length of the hat.  Make sure and bend the top edge over so it won’t poke through the top of your hat.  Once you’ve stuck the wire in, take some of your stuffing and stick it in the lower part of the hat. This will fill it out and hold the wire in the hat.

Step 6: Prep Stuffing for Beard
Next, take some stuffing, or a piece of batting and cut it to the length you want it for Santa’s beard. If you use regular stuffing, you can take several pieces and glue them on separately. That’s what Grandma and Sophia did for ours. Make sure to make the beard long enough so that it starts at the top of the stick and will stick out from the hat to a reasonable beard length.

Step 7: Glue on Beard
Take the pieces for your beard and glue them around the top of your stick. Glue the beard pieces toward the top of the stick because you will pull your hat over them.

Step 8: Glue on Hat and Hat Rim
Pull your hat on over your glued on beard and glue it on.  Run hot glue along the edges and stick it down as you go. If there is any gaping in the fabric, make sure that ends up in the back.  Next, take another strip of fabric–either the same fabric, or a corresponding color–and cut a strip that you will wrap around the bottom-edge of your Santa Hat for the Rim.  Glue around the edges again and in the back.

Step 9: Glue on Nose
By now, your painted nose should be dry.  Drop a dab of hot glue on it and stick where you want your Santa’s face to be. Place it right under the rim of the hat.  We used a thumb tack, so we stuck it into the stick itself, along with glue. If you’re just using a bead, you’ll only be securing it with glue.

Step 10: Attach Jingle Bell and Twist Hat
Take a piece of string and a needle to thread it through the tip of your hat. Attach the jingle bell, tying it securely.  To make your hat all cool and twisty, wrap the wired hat around a pencil or paint brush to give it some curl.

That’s it, you’re done. Now, just bundle up and head outside for a winter family hike with your fancy Santa Walking Stick–You’ll be the coolest winter walkers in the neighborhood!

Head out for a holiday hike!

Head out for a holiday hike!

What Do You Think? Do You Like the Santa Stick? Please leave a comment and let us know!


Happy Holidays Everyone!

Kelly, Alex and Sophia

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