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Today guest blogger, Denise Simons, shares some of the best apps out there to help with your holiday cooking. Denise is an accomplished home chef with a knack for sauces, tapenades and homemade cocktail mixers.

Cooking enthusiasts have a new kitchen tool for the holiday season: Their mobile devices. While they can’t test the batter for the right consistency or tell you when it’s time to enjoy some eggnog or other holiday cheer, your smartphone or tablet can help in other ways to ensure that your cooking experience is merry and bright.

From tips on baking goodies to directions on preparing whole meals, the following apps are a fun, easy way for families to come together and create special holiday memories in the kitchen:

  • GoodFood. You might not be familiar with this British cooking magazine and TV program but you will be after checking out the Christmas section of the GoodFood mobile app. Though some British cuisine can sometimes be a bit bland to American palates, many traditional American holiday recipes actually had their start across the pond. So here’s a chance to learn how to make classics like mince pie, figgy pudding and other continental treats that will wow your holiday guests. Even if you don’t turn out to be a fan, at least you’ll make some memories cooking “that one dish that should never be made again.” Much of the site is free but some recipes exist beyond an online or print subscription paywall.
  • Hello Vino. Speaking of holiday cheer, Hello Vino is a free app that offers useful recommendations on the right wine for any occasion and meal, from a cheese platter to chocolate and meats. It also includes suggestions for appropriate wines for gifts or parties, a way to tell what kind is best for your own taste preferences, plus a useful definition section complete with pronunciations. The Hello Vino apps is highly recommended by Sarah Mitroff from CNET.
  • Christmas Dinner Maker. If you don’t appreciate how family culinary experiments require so much clean-up time, you and a favorite gamer in your life might like playing this free cooking simulator together. With the Christmas Dinner Maker app, you are asked to follow a recipe to create a turkey and other dishes for a perfect holiday meal. Get it wrong and you get a poor score; at least there won’t be dishes to wash or fires to extinguish.
  • Easy Holiday Recipes. Enjoy recipes, photos and videos for more than 100 healthy holiday meals, from excellent entrees to tasty desserts. Even better, the Easy Holiday Recipes app is available for free on iPhones and Android phones.
  • Country Living Holiday Cookies. The $2.99 Country Living Cookie app will give you access to the top 50 cookie recipes published in Country Living magazine, from simple chocolate chip cookies to more elegant selections. It also includes plenty of mouthwatering and vivid photos typically found in the magazine version, and the ability to share photos on social networks of the recipes you’re planning to tackle.

Happy Holidays!

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