Dreaming of Spring: Build a Bird House!

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)


If you live in one of the ‘Polar Vortex’ states like the kids and I do, you’re probably more than ready for Spring.  Typically I can avoid cabin fever and the desire to move to the tropics until about end of February, but this year, I’ve been dreaming of spring since about January 1.  Between the never ending snow (i.e. driveway shoveling), and the sub-zero temps, I’ve honestly looked up housing costs in the Caribbean.  BUT, since moving to St. Thomas isn’t an option for me now, I guess I’ll stick to creativity and dreaming 😀

An activity that keeps me focused on the warmth to come is outdoor planning for spring. This involves not only planning what we’ll be planting in our gardens, but also the atmosphere stuff, like fire pits, bird houses and lights.  The fire ring and lights I’ve got stashed in my wish list on Amazon.com for a closer to Spring purchase, but the birdhouse is something we’re going to get started on soon.

We’re going to make one of our Two Kids Family Birdhouses, which were quite popular as gifts this holiday season.  Yeah, we don’t have one of our own made! Grandma has one, and we have the display one we use when we go to craft shows, but we don’t have our own for our birds–crazy!  We’re gonna end that soon though, we just have to get a kit ready for us…They’ve been so popular, we have to make sure the customers get them first 😀

We’ve also got one of our Pretty Bird Sweet Shop Oriole feeders that we started last fall…we’ll probably finish that first (we even recorded the process so we can share that when we’re all done!)

If you and your family are dreaming of spring, and need an activity to keep you focused, we recommend trying out one of our Bird House or Oriole feeder kits…you can find them over at our Two Kids Cooking & More Shop along with our other kits.

We’d love to hear what you think about the kits and you’re favorite activities for staying sane during the Polar Vortex–leave a comment!

Happy Spring Dreaming,

Kelly, Alex and Sophia

P.S. If you have an Etsy gift card, or just prefer Etsy to our Shop, you can find Two Kids Cooking & More there too!

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