Sugar-Free Valentine Snacks

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Valentines is another one of those holidays filled with sweet treats. Alex and Sophia love sweet treats and I do plan on getting them a little something sweet for the holiday, but, they are also getting some tokens of my affection that do not have any sugar.  One of these tokens will be these tasty snacks.  Nothing says I love you like meat, cheese, crackers and cucumbers all custom cut into heart-shapes.  They will be the appetizer before our Valentines dinner (which will be steak with our heart-shaped compound butter :D).

This recipe is simple as you can see. We did make the crackers from scratch so they could heart-shaped, too. We used this recipe from It’s a decent recipe, but I wouldn’t use salt as the topping again…a bit too salty. I made a few without salt on top and they were perfect. To get everything heart-shaped, we used Pampered Chef’s Fruit & Cheese Cutter. We’ve had lots of fun with that little tool 😀

Everything we used and did is in the recipe below…let us know what you think!

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

Kelly, Alex and Sophia

Sugar-Free Valentine Snacks

Sugar-Free Valentine Snacks



  • First make your crackers. We used a recipe from, but you can use your favorite. Just cut them out with a heart-shaped cookie cutter, or use the Pampered Chef Fruit & Cheese Cutter like we did.
  • Slice up your cucumbers and sausage. You'll want to use a fatter cucumber to get the heart cut out to fit.
  • Cut out the heart the scraps to use in a salad, or just to munch on later.
  • For the cheese, we cut it right out of the chunk and the sliced it because of the size of our cheese block. If you have a cheese wedge that is big enough to fit your heart-shaped cutter when slicing first, I recommend that.
  • Once you've got everything cut out, arrange it all beautifully on your plate and serve to the ones you love.

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3 Comments For This Post

  1. Corey Says:

    Thank you for the inspiration! We used your Valentine’s Day snack recipe on our recent round up post ->

    We would love for you to check it out!

  2. Melissa @ Bless this Mess Says:

    These are the cutest!! I’m going to have to try making crackers too!

  3. debbie Says:

    So much fun, love the simple and yummy idea for valentines day.

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