Wax Paper Crayon Heart Banner

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Last time Grandma Sue and her husband Wayne were in town, Sophia and Grandma were very busy crafting.  They were working from our list of things we want to create and since Valentine’s day is coming up, they picked our Wax Paper Crayon Hearts!  They brought the idea to a whole new level though, stringing them together to make a cute Valentine banner.

If you’re interested in making your own Wax Paper & Crayon Heart Banner, here’s how to do it.

What you need:
-Wax Paper
-Cheese Grater
-Hole Punch
-Hot Glue

 Step 1 – Prep Wax Paper
First tear off a section of wax paper big enough to cut out a bunch of hearts.  Ours was about as long as an ironing board (as you can see in the pics).

Step 2 – Grate Crayons
The next step is to pick out two or three colors of crayons and then grating them onto the wax paper.  If you use too many colors, you’ll end up with a muddy color, so it’s best to stick to no more than three colors.  Grate until the crayon bits cover the wax paper as shown below.


Step 3 – Add Wax Paper
Once you’ve covered the wax paper with your grated crayon, tear another piece of wax paper and cover the first layer.


Step 4 – Iron
Cover the layers of wax paper and grated crayon with some paper or a dish towel–we used some of Sophia’s old artwork.  Keep the iron moving to melt the crayon pieces.












Step 5 – Trace Heart Shapes
Cut out some heart shapes from other pieces of paper and then trace them onto the wax paper. We did some basic hearts, some with heart-shaped holes in the middle, some small ones, and some larger ones.  Trace as many as you want for your banner.


Step 6 – Cut out Hearts and Twirls
Next, cut out your hearts.  From the scraps, you can cut out twirls by first cutting a circle and then cutting it in circles to the center to make a spring-like twirl (see pic).










Step 7 – Punch Holes in Hearts
Using a hole punch, punch two holes, one in each ‘bump’ of your heart. This is where you’ll string the ribbon through.


Step 8 – Glue Twirls on Hearts
If you cut out twirls to attach to the bottom of some of your hearts, now is the time to attach them.  Use a dot of hot glue and stick it right on.


Step 9 – String Ribbon Through Hearts
Before you can hang up your banner, you need to string on your hearts.  With ours, we made hearts in various sizes, so we worked out a pattern before actually stringing them on.  Once you’ve decided on the perfect order for your hearts, string them through the ribbon until they’re all on.











Step 10: Hang up your banner
This is the fun part, find a fun place to display your banner and hang it up! Here’s what ours looks like ‘in-full’.


Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

Kelly, Alex and Sophia

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  1. Danielle Says:

    We made these but I love the strings added to the bottom!

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