Break the Winter Boredom! – Get Collaging

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Today, Aunt Dani, contributing blogger and Sophia and Alex’s awesome Aunt, shares some ideas for keeping the kids busy when the winter ‘I’m Boreds’ set in. Collaging is a great way to inspire creativity and use up all those extra bits and pieces of craft stuff you have laying around!

It’s time to get crafty!  The winter months can seem never-ending at times, and that’s no fun for anyone.  You start feeling a bit sluggish and bored and can’t seem to find anything interesting to do.  Let’s break that winter-boredom yuckiness…let’s pull out all of our crafty goodness and create cool stuff!

I love mixed-media.  I can never commit to just one art medium because they are all unique and exciting…paints, paper, glue, ink, etc.  Mix them all together and you’ve got one nifty collage.  So my first boredom-breaking project is a winter collage.  After Christmas, Hannukah, or any other winter celebration, you are sure to have leftover wrapping paper scraps and bits of colourful ribbons.  Gather them together into a lovely, sparkly pile.  We are going to need them!  What else do you have in your artistic arsenal?  Glitter, gift tags, used gift bags, metallic tissue paper, anything that can be reused.

We need something to stick, glue, paint and draw on.  You can use thick card paper, a piece of cardboard, canvas, old playing cards…anything sturdy enough to hold our ornamentation.The backing can be any size; collages come giant and teensy-weensy.  You can even recycle some of the many holiday cards you may have received into your own unique cards for next year!  This is going to be fun…

Here are some items you’ll most likely need on hand:
– scissors
– craft glue
– paint brushes (some to apply glue and some for paint)
– acrylic paints and a paint tray
– water cup
– markers/pens in a variety of colours
– leftover bits of holiday goodies like ribbon and paper, etc.
– glitter (not necessary, but sparkle is kinda pretty!)

 Get your art smocks on and get to it!  I find it helpful to cover my art table with old news print or a tablecloth for protection, as well.  There is no rhyme or reason to this affair; you simply start pasting or painting random things to your backing.  Maybe you want to draw a design on it first…whatever makes you smile.  You might draw a picture or design in the middle and glue pieces of paper and ribbon around the edge for a frame.  I have mixed acrylic paint with white glue to make colourful glue for a glaze.  This is a nice touch of colour but you can still see what is underneath.

Let your imagination wander.  You can cut your background paper into any shape you want.  Maybe you want a heart-shaped collage or a star…anything goes.  I do love to mix things together, but that does not mean you have to!  You might want to use all of the same medium, and that is fine, too!  If you are making a bunch of little collages on old playing cards, you could string them together with ribbon after they are dry for a lovely decoration for your bedroom!

Happy Collaging to You!!

Aunt Dani

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