Good Luck Knot Necklace

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Luck O’ the Irish is a common saying around the St. Patrick’s day holiday.  It got me thinking about luck and a way to represent it with a craft that Sophia and I could do together.  There are lots of crafty pot o’ gold, rainbow and clover ideas out there. All of them look fun, but the idea that Sophia and I fell in love with is this Good Luck Knot.  It’s actually a Chinese Knot, but because Celtic tradition has lots of knot like images, I though it was still appropriate, especially when done in green and yellow!

Here’s the YouTube video we followed to make ours:

It is not super easy, so this is best for older kids–preteen and up.  Sophia and I learned together. We watched the video a couple times first, and then started out our attempts. I got the first part more quickly and then helped her, but she got the second part faster. Mine is the yellow one in the picture above and her’s is the green one, so at age 10, she did just as good a job as Mom.   It took us a few tries, but once ours were done, we were so excited with our accomplishment, we did some serious high-fiving.

The knots are meant to be necklaces. Although you could just tie up ends to make a necklace, Soph and I are gonna look for some jewelry clasps made for this type of paracord necklace to make ’em a bit fancier.

Like I said, this is not one of our super simple crafts, but it is good for kids 8 and up. If you have a preteen obsessed with rainbow loom bracelets, this is another fun craft that will expand their jewelry making expertise.

Happy Knotting Everyone!

Kelly, Alex and Sophia


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