Make Your Own Valentine Mobile

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Today I’m sharing another one of the Valentine ideas Sophia and I came up with this year. We don’t have very many Valentine decorations, so we decided to go through all of our craft supplies and see what we could come up with. This idea actually had a dual purpose, one to create Valentine decorations, but the other was to use up some of our over abundant craft ‘stuff’.  I know that all of us crafty types tend to accumulate bits and pieces of things over the years–this year, the crafty people in this house have been tasked with using up all that stuff!  I’m pretty sure we can do it ;D

Anyway, if you want to make your very own wooden Valentine Mobile, you might have to purchase the wooden hearts, but the rest of the supplies will more than likely be on hand…here’s what you need and how to do it:

– Wooden Hearts of Various sizes (you can get these at a craft store or Walmart)
– Valentine-y Ribbon
– An oatmeal container lid (I think a whip cream container would work, too)
– Acrylic Paints and brushes
– Needle for string the ribbon on.
– Primer (optional)
– Scissors
– Hot Glue (0ptional)

Step 1: Prime the Top
The first thing to do is to add a coat of primer paint to the lid you are using to cover any writing. If your lid has no writing, this step isn’t necessary. You could also just add extra coats of paint to cover it if you don’t have primer.

We used spray primer, and if you do that, older kids are best for this step.  If you’re using brush on primer, any kid who can handle a brush can have at it!


Step 2: Prep Your Hearts
We had a bunch of wooden hearts in our scrap wood container–we have containers for EVERYTHING.  If you don’t have any on hand, local craft stores sell them–Walmart probably has them too.  Ours came without holes, which we need for hanging, so we got out our drill and added some.  Older kids can do this job if you trust them with a drill. Sophia, age 10, is an experienced driller, but you know your kids better than me, obviously. 😀 In any case, if they do get to drill, make sure they know all the safety rules before letting them use the power tools!


Step 3: Paint Your Hearts & the Top
This is a job for all ages of artists to help with.  All you do is pick out the colors you want and paint your hearts.  We used only 7 hearts, but you can add as many as you’d like.  We painted ours with a color first, and then added glitter.  If you do that, you’ll have to wait for the hearts to dry between coats.  We also painted the top of our mobile, which took two coats to cover well.

2kids-HeartMobile15   2kids-HeartMobile13








Step 4: Cut Your Ribbon
Once all the paint had dried, it’s time to cut the ribbon for attaching the hearts and hanging up your mobile.  We cut our ribbons at various lengths so our hearts would hang at different heights.  Cut one ribbon per heart.

You’ll also want to cut 4 additional pieces of ribbon to hang up the mobile. These should all be the same length. Depending on how low you want your mobile to hang, cut these 4 ribbons longer or shorter.

Step 5: Prep the Top for Ribbon
Next, prepare the holes in the top to tie on your hearts.  To do this, we spread the hearts out around the edge of our lid to get an idea for spacing.  We then used a sharpie marker to dot the location where we wanted each hole for each ribbon. Next, we used a scissors to poke a hole where we placed each dot.

This step is a good one for the kids to help with, but older kids or adults should do the hole poking.

2kids-HeartMobile10   2kids-HeartMobile9








Step 6: Attach Ribbons to Hearts
Before you can hang the ribbons on the lid, you’ll need to attach the ribbon.  Take your needle and thread your ribbon through. Then pull it through the hole you drilled earlier on your heart.  Once the ribbon is through, you can either tie to secure it, or use hot glue, like we did.

This step is best for older kids or adults.

2kids-HeartMobile11    2kids-HeartMobile12











Step 7: Attach Ribboned Hearts to Top
Next it’s time to attach the hearts with their ribbons, onto the top so they can hang down.  For this, you’ll have to string the needle on the ribbon again, and then pull it through the hole you made earlier. Then, tie the ribbon and cut off any excess.  You could also glue it, like we did with the hearts.

This step, like the last, is best for older kids or adults.

Step 8: Add Ribbons for Hanging
Now that your hearts are attached. It’s time to add the ribbon for hanging. Similar to how you added the dots for the hearts, mark 4 spots on the top with dots as shown in the picture.  Punch the dots into holes, just like you did before and then you can add your ribbons. 

For this, we tied a knot in the end of each of the 4 ribbons for hanging. Then, we threaded it on the needle and pulled it through the hole.  The knot makes it is so the ribbon doesn’t pull through. Once all the ribbons are in, hold them at a point at the top so everything hangs evenly and tie.

This step, again, is best for older kids or adults.

Now all you have to do is hang your Valentine Mobile up for everyone to enjoy!

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

Kelly, Alex and Sophia


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