Scrapbooking with Kids: Build Skills and Memories

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)


I’ve always loved scrapbooking. I just love working with paper, building a story through the layout with the photos, textures and colors. When Alex was little, I got started and for a few months, was pretty active with it, but then Sophia arrived and I just stopped.  I had great intentions of restarting, and kept on purchasing scrapbooking stuff here and there, but I just never really restarted. That is until recently.

Two Christmases ago, Sophia and I got a Cricut cutter from Grandma for Christmas.  Now, it’s taken us over a year to get to it, but now that we’re almost a year into a house with a craft room, we’ve gotten busy.  AND, we’ve been putting our Cricut to some serious use.  It’s not one of those super fancy ones, but it is pretty awesome.  I’m not sure how I possibly scrapbooked effectively without it ;D

Scrapbooking with Sophia has put a whole new perspective on the process for me as well. Seeing her put her pages together has made me wish I’d scrapbooked with both kids when they were even younger….here’s why:

1. It Inspires Reasoning –
Taking a group of photos and organizing them in logical groupings is typically how scrapbooks are organized.  When kids take their photos, they get to decide the groups and the reasons behind these groupings.  Discussing their choices is a fun way to get a glimpse into how they see the world, and document it in their scrapbook.

2. It Builds Story Telling Skills-
The ability to communicate ideas is essential for all humans.  When putting together a scrapbook, one of the key items is the journaling aspect, or the story attached to the collection of photos and items.  Having your kids put their own scrapbook together is giving them practice at telling their stories and communicating their ideas.

3. It Preserves Memories for Future Generations-
My kids love looking though my old scrapbooks from my grade school and high school days. They’re not as fancy as the ones Sophia and I do now, but they have pictures and trinkets and stories.   They laugh and ask questions as they look though the pictures and things–even 15 year old Alex.  I know that when the kids have their own kids, they’ll want to share all our scrapbook memories with them, too. My grandkids will probably laugh and ask questions as they browse through the old pictures and read the stories, just like their parents did 😀

When Sophia and I scrapbook, we love using our Cricut and other tools I’ve picked up at parties and craft stores, but really, scrapbooking doesn’t have to be all that fancy. Collecting photos with the kids,  adding a few notes about them and putting them in a photo album is just as fun and effective.  Or, even filling a special box with bits of things and photos. Together you can add some notes on each item, creating the story of the contents together–like treasure chests for future generations.

Happy Family Scrapbooking Everyone!

Kelly, Alex and Sophia

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