Easter Bunny Goodie Bag

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In the last couple weeks, Soph and I have been focusing on Easter.  Easter is an ok holiday for me, but due to the potential candy intake, both Soph and Alex love it.  Usually, I’ve just focused on Easter gifts for my kids, but since I now live in a neighborhood and know kids and families that live here, too, I want to give little goodies to them, as well.  I think our little Easter Bunny Goodie bags will be perfect.

They’re made of felt and they’re super easy to make.  They’re best for older kids to make, but younger kids would love receiving one, especially when filled with sweet treats!

If you want to make your own, here’s what you’ll need:

Step 1 – Pin and Cut out All the Pieces.
You can either use our pattern or draw your own based on ours. But, once you’ve got you pattern, cut out the pieces an pin them to the appropriate colored felt.  Then cut them out.  You’ll need 4 of the white ears; 2 of the face, 2 of the pink, inner ear; 2 of the black inner eye; 2 of the white outer eye; 1 of the snout; 1 of the pink nose and 1 of the teeth.



Step 2: Glue the Face On.
First, without any glue, place the face pieces onto one of the head pieces. Then user your glue gun and remove and glue each piece back into place.


Step 3: Glue Pink onto Ears.
Take the pink inner ear parts and glue them to two of the white, outer ear parts.


Step 4: Glue the Ears to the Head.
Lay the finished face part of your bunny, face side down.  Then place the ears on the head as pictured below.  The ears are the handle of the goodie bag, so that’s why you face them inward.  Also, make sure the tips overlap a bit so you can glue them together, as well.  Once you’re satisfied with the placement of the ears, glue them down and glue the tips together.



Step 5: Glue the other sided On.
To get the back part of the goodie bag connected, first lay the front-side, face side down. Lay the other set of white ears on the back of the existing ears, and add a strip of hot glue to the bottom edge.  Also add a strip of hot glue around the edge of the head (see pics).  Then, place the remaining head shaped felt onto the top of the glue and press down.  Make sure to glue the tips of the back ears together, too, just like with the front ears.



Step 6: Outline with Puffy Paint
To make your bunnies face stand out, take some puffy paint and carefully outline the eyes and lower edge of the snout.  You’ll also want to outline the teeth and add a center line like in the picture to make them two teeth.  And, don’t forget to add the whiskers and dots on the snout.


Once the puffy paint and glue is dry, it’s ready to fill with treats!


Let us know what you think of this project with a comment!

Happy Easter Everyone!

Kelly, Alex and Sophia

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