Make a Spring Flower While Waiting for Spring

Posted by the Mom (aka Kelly Biedny)


Winter is long.  This winter seems to be unendingly long.  I’m sure statistically it’s just a normal year, but all the shoveling, getting stuck and polar vortex awareness has me convinced otherwise.  One way that the kids and I have been keeping positive is by doing spring-y crafts and planning our garden.

For some reason, our Spring crafts tend to be quite flower inspired. Probably because here in the great frozen tundra, the peeking tips of daffodils are the true sign that Winter is on its way out and the days will get warmer.  There are lots of fun ideas out there for making flowers from things like tissue paper, fabric, pipe-cleaners, paper…the list goes on.  One of our favorite flower crafts is our very own ‘Sunshine the Flower’ craft kit–it combines crafts and gardening for a complete spring inspiration package.

Warm Spring days and colorful flower gardens were part of the inspiration behind our ‘Sunshine the Flower’ craft kit.  If you’re looking for a project to keep your family busy, while dreaming of the sunny, warm days to come, this is the perfect kit.  The six-petaled flower allows multiple kids to express their colorful creativeness, side-tracking any cabin fever that might be setting in this time of year.  The construction of the flower allows for some hammering, too, which is adds another level of excitement to the project.  Once you finish your Sunshine Flower, you can hang it in the house to brighten things up ’til it’s time to move it outside as a patio or garden decoration.

If you’re more of a DIYer, we also have our pattern and instructions for the kit so you can make your own from scratch!

What crafty projects are you all working on to keep your mind focused on Spring?  We love ideas so share in the comments!

Happy Spring Crafting Everyone!

Kelly, Alex and Sophia




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